The iPad - that name, ripped apart

As a name, it’s only hours old and we're still getting used to it but the iPad’s name is already being linked to feminine hygiene products by keen-eyed humourists…


Oh dear. Here’s further evidence that there were many, many other, better names that Steve Jobs and the Apple crew could have chosen for their new  state-of-the-art entertainment contraption.

It’s a skit from the USA’s Mad TV show from a couple of years ago, and probably the only time today that you’ll get to hear the phrase ‘vaginal firewall protection’ – phew, eh readers?


  • Amanda H.
    Bloodsucking Jobs. narf.
  • Steve
    Sorry to be pedantic, but a panty-pad isn't a tampon...
  • Gadget 4.
    @ Steve. I think that's why they used the word "like". It's also a joke, most jokes aren't funny if you apply pedantry to them. You have to give them a bit of "poetic license".
  • d3money
    if a joke needed a license surely a 'comedic' one would be enough to send it on it's merry way, what's poetry got to do with it. duuuude?!
  • Gadget 4.
    @d3money The term "poetic license" means the liberty taken by an artist or writer in deviating from conventional form or fact to achieve a desired effect. It does not apply only to poetry, duuuude. What is it with the pedantic people on here? Do people really get this hot and bothered when a joke doesn't follow the strict rules of pedentry?!
    • Andy D.
      Yes. Yes they do.
  • Jase
    Anyone else find that skit just not funny? Why is it that US sketch shows have to have over-the-top, piss-poor acting, shit material and canned laughter?
  • Chris S.
    Any pad jokes are far to obvious to be funny
  • Maude
    MadTV is very hit or miss. Some sketches are superb, some fall on their backside.
  • Tomeka B.
    Hi, I read all your posts, keep them coming.
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  • Natalie
    I love iPad and I think it's reciprocal love.

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