The iPad official videos - as patronisingly simple as ABC

Want to watch a bunch of nauseatingly patronising videos that, if you were already on the fence about buying an iPad, will put you off for good? Here you go, then. It's as if Apple handed over production to a company responsible for in-flight safety videos. The result? David Koresh-style brainwashing that is more off-putting than attractive. At least they finally stopped watching bloody Star Trek.


  • Crisp
    It offers basiscally nothing over a regular fiction book. The only place I can forsee it being useful is for a student studying - there the ability to find where certain words appear would be more useful.
  • Nobby
    And as for video, I watch mainly films, so would prefer the display to be widescreen. What's the point of having such a big screen (my own personal "big screen") if only part of it is used for a movie?
  • Jason
    I think it goes full screen if you have it landscape, a la iphone. Think I'll stick to my 320gb archos, which will actually play flash.
  • Gunn
    So you have to hold the iPad up with one arm while watching a movie, hmm that start to ache after a few mins!! pointless.
  • Fifi
    What an utterly pointless product.
  • Nobby
    > So you have to hold the iPad up with one arm while watching a movie I'm sure someone will invent a cardboard stand, or one based on a bent coat hanger - just like the card and paper clip versions for the iphone / touch.
  • Stewie G.
    Steve Jobs is a humungous, cheese ridden bellend to think this will be a success. What a fucking retard. Those chemo drugs must have really screwed with his god-complex. Cock.
  • andy
    if you can't afford one at least Shoot up Marketing Genius (I think half of you guys are no less more than builders)
  • Amanda H.
    If you have to hold it up to watch it, then it should have some sort of anti jog function for porn.
  • dunfyboy
    What's with all the moaning? Didn't you hear? With an ipad you can jump straight to any chapter when reading a book! I'm sick of having to start real books from the beginning every time I put them down.
  • Pardon A.
    Can we have an Engrish translation Andy (Engrish is written like that on purpose BTW)
  • gungadin
    Take it to bed to read - and enjoy eye-strain all the following day. Alleviated by ispecs for 99.95

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