The heated butter knife is a Jesus-esque miracle

butterHave you ever swore at some hard butter straight from the fridge as you desperately try to spread it on your bread, turning your snack into a ball of torn of Hovis and butter. It's futile. Butter, when cold, is the devil's work.

However, your troubles are over after some designers developed the world’s first ever heated knife! Obviously, they've forgotten that you can just buy spreadable butter or, indeed, just leave your trad. arr. butter out for a bit until it goes soft. They've answered a question no-one asked, but that's fine.

It's reported that the knife reaches a temperature of 48C, which is apparently the perfect temperature to achieve butter that spreads easily. And a poll was undertaken which revealed that, alongside burnt toast and cold tea, hard butter is one of the UK’s biggest eating annoyances. So the people behind the Toastie Knife (alongside Warburtons, who helped to develop this) will be pleased with themselves.

There's no launch date as yet, so we'll have to hold our breath with expectant glee about the whole thing. Until then, we can only imagine what we'll be able to do with a slightly hot knife.

Perhaps the man who tried to remove his own hernia with a butter knife will be the person most pleased about all this and will be able to hatch up other harebrained self-surgery schemes to keep himself entertained.


  • Tom
    48C is much to high for butter, it would just run everywhere. But will it flush?
  • Rob
    I like a warm knob

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