The great grandparents of today's gadgets

When another site has published something that’s far too cumbersome for us to easily rip off by simply rewriting it then chucking in some knob gags, we’re more than happy to just put up a link and let you have a good look for yourself.

That’s the case when it comes to Technologizer’s brilliant Fast-Forward Tour Of Gadget History. It’s a lengthy piece which compares and contrasts many of today’s essential gizmos with the patent drawings of them in their original incarnations.

Take a look at the proto-iPod (pictured) – is it a direct descendent of the Automatic Phonograph, as pioneered by jukebox kings Wurlitzer? We don’t know, but if someone hasn’t already knocked out an mp3 player that looks like a tiny Wurlitzer, it won’t be long. Either way we want one – it’d perfectly match the tiny winklepickers we wear on the ends of our index fingers.

What do you think?

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