The future of entertainment is bright, but ugly

If you suffer some sort of obsessive tidying dysfunction that irritates the living bejesus out of everyone you've ever met, you'll probably be reaching for the credit card right about now. The rest of the world meanwhile, is wondering a) why somebody thought it'd be a good idea to resurrect the desk-tidy as the future of music players, and b) if a more offensive piece of desk furniture could ever be designed.

The TuneLight MP3 Speaker System is as attractive as as a burning nunnery, with its pen holders and organiser trays fused onto a MP3 docking station with speakers that, at $19.99 for the whole kit, will probably sound like a colony of hoarse ants shouting at you.

It's the sort of present that'd look great on your child's bedroom desk, but only if you hate them. Otherwise, buy one for an office colleague you'd like to see resign.



  • Sean
    Pretty functional - not a bad idea but poor cosmetic implimentation. Could work as an upmarket desk tidy if fitted with some quality speakers & designed to be more eye pleasing. Seems to have gone for price point over quality.
  • Graeme
    if it had 5.1 surround speakers it would be better...and the light turned into a projector
  • andy y.
    Modelled on K9?
  • Mike, H.
    Does that light flash on and off in time to the music, inducing a brain bursting migraine?

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