The future is here! With the iPad shopping trolley!

skygo-ipad Finally, the humble supermarket trolley is set to be catapulted into the 21st century, and equipped with an iPad dock and speakers, thanks to a team-up between Sainsburys and Sky.

The supermarket giant and the satellite broadcasting behemoth have come up with the trolley, as a way of plugging the Sky Go online service. The futuristic supertrolley will be trialled at Sainsbury’s in Cromwell Road, West Kensington and if it’s a hit they say it could be sweeping the nation before long.

Not only does it have the iPad dock and speakers, it also has a sensor on its front bumper that will beep if the iPad-watching shopper gets too close to another customer. The trolley will also keep the iPad charged with the help of a solar-powered onboard battery. It sounds like bliss.

Sports fans – would the chance to watch Jeff Stelling bringing you football score updates as you meander around the aisles be enough to persuade you to head to a heaving Sainsbury’s on a Saturday afternoon? Be honest please.


  • MDC
    What about people with touchpads ???
  • StuPid
    In unrelated news, Police in West Kensington were today appealing after a number of iPads were stolen from overladen customers exiting Sainsburys stores. Police believe the culprits were 'Avid'
  • Cheesey
    Oh great! It's bad enough with women yakking and pulling trolleys at 90 degrees across the aisles - now we have to endure them stopping to watch Neighbours or Loose Women.... at 90 degrees across the aisle. Hopefully the Cromwell Road Massive will liberate the iPads or the trolleys with the iPads.
  • StuPid
    @Cheesey - the Sky Go for iPad app is fairly limited - it only has sports and a couple of movie channels, plus sky news. What it does mean is that Sainsburys are likely to stick free Wifi in their stores which might be useful for other tablets. Logistically, I'm not sure how Sainsburys can enforce you only using their systems for Sky Go.
  • James
    @StuPid they cant. So people will think why not watch some emmedale or top gear or whatever so a shop will take longer so more people will block the isles thus slowing your shop down even more so its a horrible experience

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