The future is here - it's the TV Hat!

Screen shot 2010-02-20 at 10.42.56 The line between reality and parody has been blurred for a long time but now it’s disappeared completely… thanks to the TV Hat.

Finally, we can all become part human, part theatre with this miraculous invention. Plug your mp3 player or mobile into it, stick the contraption on your head and over your face and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a private viewing experience that, as the ad claims, is just like being in a cinema.

In fact it’s even better than the cinema because you won’t have to put up with some mouth-breather kicking the back of your seat or scoffing popcorn louder than a camel with a packet of Monster Munch.

Plus, it comes with a free neck protector, presumably to help fend off stick and hammer attacks from jealous onlookers and evil robbers. Genius.

We think we’ve seen the future with this one. Mark our words, in five… no two years’ time, buses and trains will be packed to the rafters with people of all ages, colours and creeds sporting their TV Hats. It’s as important an invention as the pencil. Yes, THAT important.



  • cookie
    I really want one of these, so that I can watch TV when doing such things as crossing the road, walking up steep flights of stairs, driving my car and various other monotonous activities which would be made even awesom-er by having The Jeremy Kyle Show strapped directly around my eyes.
  • ElBuc
    How cool - a kind of lucky dip for thieves : )
  • The B.
    Cookie, don;'t forget that when you inevitably do harm yourself you can sue the manufacturer for millions.
  • perv
    Make sure you lock the door if watching porn
  • Nobby
    At about 30 secs, Dad might be watching, but he hasn't got the earphones plugged in.

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