The ClamCase - an iPad product without a point

Whether or not you think the iPad is a featureless lump of expensive plastic, what exactly does the ClamCase do for the experience? Now you have a thicker, weightier iPad designed to look and perform like a netbook, but without the functionality.

If this sort of thing appeals, you could just buy a netbook. Or a laptop. Or a MacBook. Or maybe you could boil your head in a vat of hot wax, you blithering cocksocket. Our brains are buggered by the pointlessness of yet more bandwagony shitware.


  • ButterMan
    Show me a laptop you can pop the screen out of and continue using it, dipshit. That god-awful Sony one don't count. Nor does anything running Windops Tablet Edition.
  • Jonny S. said cocksocket again!!! Surely you don't mean another useless invention like the iPad? That you could just use a laptop or netbook, or even an iPhone instead of? Screw this anyway...I'm gonna find me a fox!
  • The B.
    "Show me a laptop you can pop the screen out of and continue using it" Oh dear, someone's some vehement in their Apple defense that they've missed the point. Now, wipe the spittle from your keyboard and the screen, take a valium and calm down. That's why these Apple products have easy wipeable screens, the fanboys get all sorts of fluids on them.
  • The B.
    Oops, so vehement.
  • Zleet
    Wouldn't the obvious thing be to have a case with a stand and some kind of pocket bluetooth keyboard. You could only really use the keyboard for word processing and having it connected is just plain stupid with the lack of functioning track pad (obviously).
  • Lumoruk
    wow the iTwats will go mental over this
  • THE D.
    when isaw this ishat ipod of turds
  • Jase
    Why would you then go spend even more money converting it back into looking like a laptop (but not doing laptop things)? I thought the entire reason of iPad was that people would recognise it as that, so you could wave it around like a pretentious cunt...slapping £600 worth of kit on a table and saying "it only does half the things a laptop of the same price, but gosh does it look pretty!"

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