The Android-powered Vega - a dazzling star of a tablet?

More tablet propaganda hitting you square between the eyes right now, this time from a company called ICD. This is the Vega, which the company describes as a "sleek, kitchen-friendly Android touch device". Yessum, it's packing the Android OS, which is good news for app developers everywhere.

Bitterwallet - Vega tablet
The Vega comes in three flavours - 7-inch, 11-inch and 15-inch - and is due to be available to buy in the first half of 2010. Not much is known about ICD - their previous products have included wireless digital picture frames and mobile handsets, so in terms of build and functionality for this type of device, there's no track record to peek at. Otherwise it's a thing of beauty, it really is. Apart from that USB port sticking out. That's a bit rubbish.

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