Testing the Apple iPad to destruction

For the Apple haters amongst you, close the curtains, turn the fire up an extra bar, grab the Kleenex and get ready for the ride of your life. Everyone else, don't panic and carry on:


  • Martin
    At least the guy in the first video is doing it to promote his product, the other bunch of tossers are simply showing, well, what a bunch of tossers (with too much cash) they are!
  • bob
    A bunch of rich nerds feebly flailing at a piece of metal and plastic while wooping like chimps. Land of the Free.
  • Hugh J.
    That was so cool.....
  • joanne
    The very first Blendtec video they put on youtube increased Blendtec sales by 300%. He has came to the UK a few times to teach morons how to promote their companies via Youtube, at his seminars he blends a broom pole...a little less impressive than one of apples products but hey...
  • mo
    WHAT A BUNCH OF TWATS it hurt me to watch that it was like someone kciked me in the balls :(
  • mo
  • TomG
    Um, when they drop it first, it doesn't seem to be damaged much. Maybe it is a really weird bit of advertising by Apple (all advertising is good, right). Surely nobody would buy such a device (overpriced as Apple stuff is) and then trash it (deliberately). Or maybe they just nicked them......
  • TomG
    Oh, and in the first one, it blends quite nicely. I bet his blenders are expensive to buy.......
  • John G.
    "At least the guy in the first video is doing it to promote his product, the other bunch of tossers are simply showing, well, what a bunch of tossers (with too much cash) they are!" Sorry but Appple owners generallly ? or just the ones in the video ? ..lol
  • Lumoruk
    *licked The blender guy always breaths the dust, full of mercury surprised he's not dead yet.
  • pineapple
    Why would apple even care? Apple already for the money from the rich kids smashing up the ipad.
  • pineapple
    Why would apple even care? Apple has already got the money from the rich kids who smashed up the ipad.*
  • cookie
    I can't wait till the day I can afford to get myself a Blendtec, those things are fucking amazing (as blenders go).
  • hippy
    even though im not a fan of apple, i think that buying something just to destroy it is completly stuipd, wasteful and not very good for our carbon footprint! god im getting old and grumpy!
  • Tom P.
    If your brand new iPad suffered from poor wi-fi, app failures and charging problems...you'd most likely bash it with a cricket bat....unless you were skint, in which case you'd take it back to the Apple Store for a replacement.
  • The B.
    Do not try this at home? Why?That video gave me more pleasure than an iPad could, if could do it at home I'd be more than happy.
  • goon
    these people are as big a bunch of twat as those that buy apple stuff
  • me
    aren't those the same guys from smash my ps3, wii or anything else?
  • james
  • cock f.
    What a set of cocks it would have made sense to buy some poor sod a pair of shoes or a meal - or donate the money to a charity for needy kids animals - etc - whoopy do look we can smash plastic I'm so fucking cool - fuck off you loosers
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