Tech latest: 51 year-old Ice-T pulls a MacBook to bits on top of his bin

Apple-haters, you have a major new member of your simpering army. Here’s hard man rapper and actor Tracy Marrow, better known as 51 year-old Ice T.

In this gripping home video, Tracy carries out some repairs on his faltering MacBook with the help of a claw hammer, using the top of his wheelie bin as a work surface. It quickly becomes apparent that this is the type of ‘repair’ that is carried out with extreme prejudice.

He’s a tough guy but he audibly frets about ripping his hands open as he tears in to the machine. Plus, he keeps the battery. What the fuck for? He’s Ice-T! He’s literally swimming in money! Is he going to flog it on eBay? Hopefully not – in our eyes, his cred will only be restored if he plans to use it as part of some little-known sex game that only rich and famous celebs are privy to.

Tracy describes the whole repair procedure as “payback,” pointing out that the Mac gave him “a lot of hell.” Perhaps it just went into permanent sleep mode after listening to his lung-shrinkingly duff 2006 album ‘Gangsta Rap.’

Once again, Tracy Marrow is 51.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve got a feeling that we may have just started some kind of war with Ice-T following the publication of this piece and would like to point out that, although it is credited to Andy Dawson, it was in fact written by Mr Vince Wong.


  • Mike e.
    Tracy Marrow? Iwonder why he decided he needed a stage name? Tracy is a 'dope' name 'homie' innit?
  • ben
    this is a fine example of what should be done to all Apple products
  • Nobby
    Fin Tutuola is right. Smash the hard drive of old, broken computers to stop anyone accessing the data.
  • Karl
    The hammer looks nice
  • Tracy M.
    He should be hammered as well for being old and stupid
  • Mookie
    ...and now let's look at how many videos have been posted of a PC laptop being destroyed :-D Probably too thick to know how to switch it on
  • swampy_donkey
    Maybe he's keeping the battery to recycle it properly - he's an environmentalist at heart!
  • The B.
    Man, Ice-T has turned into a right flabby old fecker ain't he? I can't see him trying to "**** the police" in that state, more likely waddle slowly past them.
  • Scott
    Is it me or does he actually destroy the CD/DVD drive of the mac and not the hard drive?
  • Nobby
    > Is it me or does he actually destroy the CD/DVD drive of the mac and not the hard drive? It was a rather half hearted attempt to do in the harddrive. He manages to unplug the ribbon very delicately with the hammer.
  • Darren
    You hear him though?? he's had it for 6 years... and its only just started giving him problems... you would be on your 5th PC laptop after 6 months...

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