Take a wander through the gadget graveyard

A musical based on the short life of Jade Goody is probably a very bad idea but it’ll doubtless be incredibly successful.

On the other hand, inventions like the Sony Walkman, Polaroid cameras and VCRs were all very good ideas and were incredibly successful but have had their day. The passage of time and the advancement of technology meant that they were eventually chewed up and gobbed out into the spittoon of history. Not like Jade Goody – she’ll live forever in our hearts.

Over at brainz.org, they’ve compiled magazine ads for some of the dead-as-a-dodo gizmos that we used to love – also including dial-up internet and the MiniDisc. Is anyone making a bloody musical about them? Bloody don't think so.


  • Pizza_D_Action
    "dead-as-a-dodo gizmos" - what about video calling on mobiles.... has anyone ever used that.... its the next big thing you know :rolleyes:
  • Jack
    Great, thanks for pointing the article out - it was good. And hahaha, yeah, video calling still hasn't taken off - yes I heard it was the next big thing a few years ago. I even have a phone with two cameras for video calling, however I have not used it once, and no-one has tried to video call me before. I think its mainly a gimick, but also its largely due to the networks - its too expensive and not everyone can get the fast data speeds needed.
  • James R.
    Jade goody the musical.....what's the fastest way to shift myself from the mortal coil.....?
  • bob r.
    when i click brainz.org link every time avira security warns of java virus be careful
  • Rob
    Video calling should be banned , to many ugly people . Jade Goody the musical ? makes you appreciate the phrase "flogging a dead horse" isnt a euphemism .
  • Dave
    Its the JG musical merchandising I look forward to - Fat girls lunch boxes, pig masks & hair extensions.

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