New tablet PCs launched by BlackBerry and... Next?

The long-rumoured BlackPad project came to fruition last night, when BlackBerry officially launched the PlayBook. Pitched at business users, BlackBerry's traditional and robust userbase, the PlayBook is yet another device with a 7" screen, with front and rear facing cameras for video conferencing.

It'll have Bluetooth and WiFi, but not 3G - that'll only be available by tethering to a BlackBerry mobile. That's an odd move, since it means the PlayBook is less likely to attract adhoc sales from non-BlackBerry customers.

Bitterwallet - Android 10" tablet from NextMeanwhile, the Christmas catalogue from Next is advertising a 10" touchscreen tablet from an unnamed manufacturer.

According to the blurb, it runs on Google's Android OS, has USB ports and a memory card slot, is WiFi enabled and costs... £180. Didn't they get the memo about unreasonably high prices?

Next are clearly out to undercut the early players in the tablet market, but this development also means we can expect more devices of a similar size and spec. All Next gifts are usually unbadged, so which manufacturer is behind this?


  • james d.
    could be a slightly modified openpeak tablet
  • Mark
  • Phil G.
    Pretty much sure that Next tablet is this..... Elonex eTouch 1000ET Although the specs say 2gb, where next claim 8gb. Still pretty good though.
  • Stewie G.
    No post about the ipad 2?...
  • Owen
    Looks like an apad to me
  • chris
    Don't think i'll bother its probably dry clean only.
  • Steff
    the BB pad looks nice hope the price will be good
  • Smarky
    Isin't Next a clothes shop!?
  • Paul S.
    Hi Phil - I think you're right, all the ports are in the right places. An upgrade to 8GB would explain the pricing too. Cheers!
  • PokeHerPete
    I beleive the NEXT tablet is exclusively for browsing their site.
  • Chris
    again showing 2GB on the site but the ports line up on this one also - along the top absolutely identical
  • Barcode M.
    "That’s an odd move, since it means the PlayBook is less likely to attract adhoc sales from non-BlackBerry customers." Not at all. With many large corps toying with the idea of leaving Blackberry for the iphone, this gives them one big reason to stay. Tablet's with Blackberry = no additional monthly expenses. Tablets with Apple = extra monthly bills.
  • drandon
    It is indeed an elonex etouch 1000, it has 2gb storage and an 8gb microsd card supplied with it.

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