Tablet time - HTC Flyer available from May


If new tablets releases were in fact pod people attempting to otherthrow the Earth's population, humanity would surely be overpowered by the numbers. They're not, obviously, but they're still bloody everywhere, and here's another - this time from mobile handset meisters HTC.

According to Mobot, the HTC Flyer tablet will go on sale across Europe in under four weeks, on 9 May. The 7" tablet has two cameras, a microSDHC memory card slot and is thought to run the Android's Gingerbread operating system, rather than upgrading to Android 3.0 which is designed specifically for tablets. Poor show.

And again, despite the best efforts of competing manufacturers, nobody seems to be able to match Apple's price points - Mobot pegs the HTC Flyer at £600 for the unlocked 3G 32GB model, compared to £579 for the 3G 32GB iPad.


  • Sgt W.
    That is a mental price.
  • dvdj
    Oh dear...
  • Mike U.
    If you want an Android tablet take a look at the ADAM Tablet by Notion Ink, it's so specced up it could take on the ipad 1 & 2 and the same time and destroy both of them while playing Flash movies
  • Mark H.
    Apple's lower price is subsidised by it's App Store, something which other manufacturers have no equivalent to. That is until Amazon get their finger out and release a Kindle tablet along with their Android App Store...

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