Streaming racing ahead of traditional physical film hire

scratchedcd Physical media could soon be headed for the technology graveyard for ever, at least if some new stats from LoveFilm are to be believed. They’ve announced that more of their punters are streaming their entertainment than ever before. The streaming numbers even now outweigh those of physical DVD, Blu-ray and games hire COMBINED.

It all makes sense though – why hang around waiting for a DVD (that won’t necessarily be the one that you want to see) to flop on to your doormat when you could press a button and have the thing fired into your face instantly.

Let’s have a poll - how many DVDs and Blu-rays do YOU think you’ll have on your shelves at home in five years’ time….?


  • Jeremy
    I'll need a load of blank DVD's to copy these free programmes onto won't I?
  • JonB
    The key word here is "hire". I think people would prefer to stream films and TV programmes rather than hire them to watch them once. But people buy DVDs or BRDs to watch them again and again or lend them to friends.
  • D.Fecata
    Wheels all the way man, unleash the Fury!
  • Tweedskin
    I don't care for streaming, but if I don't have a personal rocket pack by 2017, I'm ending it all.
  • Inspector G.
    What will people by their friends and relatives they don't really know that well for Christmas? Blu-Rays, DVDs and CDs will be out, so will books and games. I think it's time to buy shares in the company that makes Homer Simpson Slippers.
  • Gary
    Can't wait until groups of hackers figure out that the companies and their customers have put all their eggs in one basket. We're building our house on sand.

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