Stephen gets a Fry-ful of the Apple iPad before launch

1 April 2010

Clever Apple set the expiry date for their iPad NDA as 1 April, so when information about the iPad started to appear, everyone marked it down as a lot of bollocks. Then gadget fiddler Stephen Fry, currently in California, started sending screenshots from his iPad. Of course, as avid Bitterwallet readers, most of you will mark down anything Apple does as a load of bollocks - it's a tradition, an old charter or something.

Anyway, here's a look at what Fry has been sharing with the world via Twitter - it includes a screenshot of The Elements, an animated chemistry app from Wolfram Alpha that is getting plenty of attention in the tech press:

Bitterwallet - iPad screenshots


  • Rolly
    I REALLY hate Apple, I am a proper hater... but I love Stephen Fry, he is such a lovely chap. Screenshots look lovely, what a nice tablet :)
  • Jack
    Has anyone else noticed the first word played in the Scrabble game is 'hoax'?
  • Klingelton
  • Mr G.
    May I congratulate Paul Smith on this article. Not only is it a treat to have a top designer writing for Bitterwallet but when he starts quoting Robert Rankin then I... well, I've just come. Thank you, for making my day, you stripy-assed mofo.

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