Starbucks-dwelling chump of the year

"Yeah, got loads of work on but the laptop's away at the menders." Dickhead.


[via @GeorgeGliddon]


  • Dick
    He's no chump. He's got big kahunas to do that.
  • Grumpy
    Anyone know where that Starbucks is? I'm going down to loot that later...
  • Alexis
    £1200 top heavy computer teetering on a small wooden table with a trail of people walking past carrying coffee and trays. Don't do it kids.
  • Steve
    Ah, a dickhead Mac user - case solved.
  • Phil
    @Alexis - Don't you mean £300 worth of generic PC built into a nice monitor worth about another £300-400 with an apple logo on it? Anyway if you can afford that sort of mark up you can obviously afford to drink at Starbucks every day rather than get your own broadband connection...
  • trollolol
    ipad 3 in the wild?
  • Brad
    Id pay a small child £20 to bang into the table. It be worth the chuckle!
  • Richard
    it's ok, if he has AppleCare he could piss on it and throw it off a cliff and the nice guys at the Genius bar will just swap it for a new one :-)
  • Sicknote
    ....and no one batted an eyelid I bet
  • 1888
    My word PC users never used a MAC calling MAC users dickeads, not only is Steve a dickhead he´s also stupid. As for the guy in the coffee shop, maybe he works there and the office is otherwise occupied? The beauty about MAC apart from never waiting, never crashing being fast as hell is that you don´t need to rent a trailer to move it...
  • Absinthian
    @1888: "Maybe he works there and the office is otherwise occupied" ?! Yeh, Whatever. By the way, before you call someone a dickhead and stupid, you should really brush up on your grammar, use of punctuation, spelling and facts as it does detract from the point that you are trying to make. In fact, it makes you come across as a bit of a dickhead.
  • The m.
    How comes these macfags spent 1000s on their overpriced apple crap and can't save for a decent broadband?
  • Cheesey
    It's pure willy waving. That chump at the back of the store with the MacBook must be feeling incredibly inferior on size, or maybe superior that he had the foresight to buy a lappy.
  • Iain
    Now now children. Microsoft and Apple are just as bad as each other. We wear stupid designer clothes, nothing wrong with stupid designer computers. MS had their day in court, Apple will soon too.

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