Spotify finally comes to the iPad

2 May 2012

spotify-logo It’s pretty much established as the best way to get your streaming music and now Spotify has launched an iPad app that will strengthen its grip on the nation’s ears and wallets/purses/money pouches.

Think of an elaborate version of its smartphone app and you won’t be too far away. But, as with the said phone apps, you’ll need to be a premium subscriber to the Spotify lifestyle if you want to use the damned thing on your tablet thing.

There’s some neat touches – you can wirelessly stream your audio to compatible hi-fidelity music units (or ‘midi systems’ as we believe they’re still called) and the visuals have all been optimised for the iPad’s oh-so-beautiful Retina display. Mmmm… smooth.

Spotify chief product officer Gustav Söderström did some fancy swipey motions with his fingers across an iPad screen earlier before saying: "One use case is you sit on your couch and discover new music. We think a big part of this use case is you're at home, maybe with a stereo with AirPlay, and this is to a large extent a remote control." Yeah, use case us up Gustav, you mad bastard.

Sadly, there is no sign of an Android version of the Spotify tablet app as yet. Ah well..

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  • Sheneyyyyyyaaaaaa!
    I spotify on my pad. It's got wings.
  • The C.
    Phew. I've got something to spend money on now. Was runing out of things to buy with your money.
  • James
    I hope they've fixed the problem on the android app caused when you click "Queue a Track" it put its to the front of the queue instead of the back. That just doesn't make sense in my opinion!

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