Sony Walkman: back from the dead

The Sony Walkman is back. Back. BACK. And it's pricey.

The new Walkman ZX2 isn't some deliberate retro affair designed to try and make cassettes a thing again, but in fact a player that can "spin" your DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, and more numbers, allowing you a spool-free wig out.

And obviously it's not cheap, because what's the point of making something look sexy and alluring and possibly able to slip into that chasm left by the iPod. While essentially a poncier version of the A17, which was Sony's first attempt at relaunching the Walkman (but nobody was suitably awed to go "Wow" about it), the ZX2 seems to addressed the issues raised by the $300 A17, and ironed them out.

Humourously for something they want £750 for, It's running years-old Android — 4.2 Jelly Bean, to be exact, which first debuted in November 2012. And while you can download and play apps from Google Play, which is a bit unfuturistic for something much dearer than your average iPhone.

Sadly it's being launched as a premium high-end audio experience, which is the new speak for "rinse more money out of people under the illusion that it's somehow going to change their lives". See also: Beats.

Anyway, if Sony want to bung us one, we'll road test it and get back to you with our findings. You can watch an annoying American run through it, and wonder at the choice of an Eric Clapton album. Perhaps they have Cliff Richard lined up to remake Wired For Sound too.


  • Rafe
    He's more likely to be making 'Arrested for Historic Crimes' than remaking wired for sound...
  • Greg
    Whe I first saw that frame on the verge video, I thought t was a piss take. I thought it was in a case. I don't see the point of this device. Didn't we invent this 10 years ago? Am I missing something?

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