Sony to join in tablet computing bunfght

Incoming! More tablet computer things! That’s what you all WANT isn’t it? Blame Sony for the latest additions to the tablet oeuvre if it isn’t. Yes, that’s right, it IS an oeuvre.

So Sony are bunging out a couple of tablets in the not-too-distant future. First up is the 9.4 inch S1 media tablet, running Android 3.0 and with both front and rear-facing cameras. As well as all the stuff you’d expect, it can also be used as a remote control for Sony gear with the help of some in-built infra-red.


The other one, helpfully named the S2, is a dual-screen thingameebob with a hinge in it – so possibly you can trap flies and wasps and stuff in it as well as doing all the usual portable computing stuff. The two screens mean you can have a keyboard on one with a display on the other or use the thing as an actual book-shaped e-reader.

There are no prices for either of them yet and they’re expected to hit the streets in the autumn, when no doubt they’ll have better names.

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