Sony make e-reading e-easier as they ditch DRM

With a UK launch for Amazon’s Kindle e-reading contraption seemingly as far away as the advent of the fridge freezer with a set of tits on the front, Sony are looking to steal a march and mop up some of the early adopters to the e-reading craze.

The price of their PRS-505 Reader is slowly falling, ahead of the release of new models. It can be had at the moment for only £149.99 with a free Tri-Fold cover, which itself would normally go for about £20.

Better still, Sony have announced that they’re removing the DRM from the books that are sold in their e-book store in place of the open platform ePub format. Which basically means that you’ll be able to read your techno-books on any other device that supports the format.

The move away from DRM should boost sales and give Amazon something to think about as they drag their heels over the launch of the Kindle over here. For all we know, you lot might not even care, and see e-reading as a niche fad, the latest MiniDisc or Segway (even though we’ve all got Segways here at BWHQ.)

Tell us what you reckon – can you see yourself storing all your books on one device or will you always want shelves and shelves of tomes that you’ll never read cluttering up your home. Please leave a comment in the box on the count of three – one… two… THREE!


  • Martha F.
    I went to the ePub last night, got virtually pissed!
  • Grimbo
    seems so much money to be able to read a book when you could just buy....a book?
  • a47
    Ebook readers are at the same stage of development as MP3 players were 10 years ago - sooner rather than later everyone will be using them - personally i can't wait for the day when i can download the daily paper and magazines onto a flexible screen (which is here already) with colour capabilities (a year or two away) - in the meantime i'll wait for prices to fall and be able to read any format i sling at it - remember, these are the future!!!
  • Phil
    a47 - Total Agree. If you went back to the early creative MP3 players with a hard disk that was bigger than a personal CD player and cost £200+ you'd see how far they've come.
  • Mark
    I use Stanza on my iPod Touch. Works a treat. No need for a book reading only device.
  • jacobyte
    Nope, FAIL! The DRM will remain, they changed formats and DRM. "Adopting an industry-standard format and Adobe® Content Server 4 (ACS4), a popular, cross platform server software solution that copy protects downloadable eBooks, allows Sony to make its eBook store compatible with multiple devices and its Reader devices open to multiple sources for content."
  • Emma
    I have the Sony 505 ebook reader and I've had it for about 6 months now. It's absolutely brilliant. I don't know how I used to live without it. I took it on holiday to France, and it was great as I chocked it full off great books. I took it to the beach one day, but that was probably a bad idea. I felt that it wasn't really suitable for that. Plus, I probably wouldn't read it in the bath.

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