So Apple, why do you want us to buy an iPad today?

1 February 2011

Bitterwallet - iPad email

A marketing email from Apple wanting people to buy an iPad before Valentine's Day? What curious timing. And if the iPad 2 is announced in the next two weeks, there's every chance the price of the first generation will drop. Thanks for looking out for customers, Apple.


  • will
    i could be totally wrong - but didn't the entry level ipad cost £429 (16gb wifi only)? just checked the apple store website and its £439. And all the other prices do look different. i hope it's me just going mad and apple not trying some crazy new tactics.....
  • Nobby
    Pads make excellent valentine's day presents. Just ask the wife, she gets them every year.
  • macnpaul
    The iPad did cost £429 - before the VAT increase
  • will
    of course! thanks for clearing that up
  • Steve O.
    Still means the fuckers put up the price by an extra pound though. Thieving scum.
  • Slacker
    > just checked the apple store website and its £439. Fucking hell. You could buy a couple of proper computers for that.
  • Kevin
    Because if you are thick enough to buy an ipad just before a new one comes out you deserve to get screwed over. Madly enough I've actually talked to people who don't want the new one and would be happy to have the old one and aren't that bothered about waiting for price cuts.
  • Hollie
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