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14 October 2011

Oh. Oh dear.


That's a bit shit isn't it?


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  • Richard M.
    Apparently in the UK, Siri's local maps and look-ups don't work because Apple doesn't have a deal with a UK provider of local information (it uses Yell in the US) so it basically doesn't work yet. Much. You can still ask silly questions and that sort of thing though.
  • Tweedskin
    Saw quite a few iDiots queueing for this earlier.
  • Ash
    What the frig is U.S English?? English is English....That rubbish the Yanks speak is not English, it's bloody American. GOD I FUCKING HATE ARROGANT YANKS!!!
  • Dick
    "Does this phone make me look like a prick" will still work.
  • Jamey
    Posted on twitter by Aral Balkan... Clearly he's a despicable forrin and so he won't be speaking English properly to begin with. Even if local stuff doesn't work I dare say it will handle calendar appointments, text messages etc just fine. The Dragon Dictation app (powered by Nuance, like Siri) always worked extremely well for me on my 3GS.
  • joe.king
    theres a pub called cork and cider

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