Siri doesn't just work on the iPhone 4S...

1 November 2011

If you’re an iPhone 4 owner who is miffed by the fact that you don’t have the incredible 4S Siri function that allows you to control your phone with your voice, you might be interested in this news – Siri works on your phone as well!

The problem is that you’re not allowed to have it. A clever fella called Steven Troughton-Smith has successfully got Siri to run on a fourth-generation iPod Touch, which makes it look as if Apple have held it back in order to generate more sales of the new 4S.

Unfortunately, the perpetrators aren’t allowed to say how they did it, let alone release it – although it might be possible with the help of a future jailbreak. But if you’re tempted to get a 4S mainly because of Siri, you might want to think again for now…

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  • klingelton
    i strongly suspected this might be the case. wonder what - if anything - is different about the 4s...
  • The B.
    The price?
  • Brad
    hang on, hang on... Since when was voice control that ground breaking on mobile phones and needed a whole new phone to make it possible, this tech been around for at least a year.
  • Dick
    @Brad: Since when? Since apple "invented" it, obviously.
  • mob
    voice control has been around since about 2004. nokia had it, windows phone had it. you dont need an A5 processor to do it, apple just make you think you do. same with any of the apps they make - pretend they dont work unless you have the newest model. i remember video calling 10 years ago over 3g. its not that hard.
  • Mark H.
    So Siri can just be dismissed as 'voice control' that we had 10 years ago? Riiiiight. Also the 4S has completely different internals to the 4. So yes it may look the same but they are very different beasts.
  • mob
    im not saying its the same as we had 10 years ago, but the principles are the same... take voice into digitised format for a computer to understand. i wasn't dismissing it, just saying that a 10 year old mobile could perform a similar function, so i'd imagine 9 years later with an iphone 4 it could perform a better function. there is nothing in the 4s that magically means it can now understand voice. just the software. if anything it would just be a bit laggy on a 4.
  • Fox B.
    Its Fake, Its Just a video on touch....... I feel like Wanking when I first heard/saw siri Fuck the rest of world......................... who cares
  • Simon
    Try the free app called vlingo - seems to do the Siri job well!
  • Richard
    Watch the ipad halloween costume link at the end, it's pretty cool, especially the end :-)

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