Samsung Galaxy Tab prices announced by Carphone Warehouse

19 October 2010

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Steve for tipping us off about Carphone Warehouse announcing prices for Samsung's first foray into the tablet PC market - the Galaxy Tab. The 7" tablet is launching on 1st November and is powered by Android 2.2 OS, with full access to the Android Market, support for Flash and front and rear-facing cameras.

Having initially asked £800 for the tablet when the product was launched in September, Samsung then reduced the price to £600, and ever since everyone has been waiting to see how much lower retailer subsidies could knock the Galaxy Tab. The answer? A little, but not much.

Bitterwallet - Samsung Galaxy Tab at Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse will be selling the Galaxy Tab for £529.99 - the same price as an iPad 3G - or £499.99 when taking out a £10 contract on a 30 day rolling contract. That tariff allows for 1GB of data every month, and the first month is free.

£500 still feels too steep for a new product aimed at mainstream consumers in a space already dominated by Apple. Yes, it's suited and booted with key features the iPad should have but doesn't, but that's not going to be enough to combat the might of Apple's marketing juggernaut - although it may be a slice of the market Samsung can truly dominate, since Steve Jobs doesn't seem keen in similar-sized devices.

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  • Steve
    £500!? Piss off! I'll tell you what you can do with your eye-teeth and your job, you can take the mail and the Galaxy Tab and all that other rubbish I have to go about with and you can stuff them right up your arse!
  • The B.
    £500 for a device that has slightly more functionality than an ipad? No thanks.
  • dasher
    Surely this is a network unlocked version for that price? I read the likes of Vodafone in Spain were selling it at 200 euro with a monthly contract on top
  • Graeme
    wait until the 1st Nov and go for the Advent Vega tablet that dixons and pc world are going to offer up for £250
  • tin
    Which will be as good as the Next tablet
  • tiny
    The price is bound to drop - my guess is to around £300, just take a look at the stuff Expansys has on pre order, the Galaxy is way the dearest.
  • ziggy
    The Advent Vega is nothing like the Next Tablet... its running Android 2.2 with the Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset 1ghz cpu , it has a multi touch screen (capacitive) and supports flash out of the box. plus it can play hd videos over hdmi. it looks like a great alternative to the galaxy tab although its a little bigger like the i-pad...
  • Mr B.
    HOW much?? I was really excited when the Galaxy tab was first announced, but it seems like the UK pricing means it won't stand a chance against the iPad. Silly Samsung
  • christy
    Still £200 too much, will wait for gingerbread and HTC too come up with a decent offering

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