Rumours abound about new iPad

newipad-640x360 There's rumours floating around about yet another iPad from Apple, and as ever, they're keeping their lips sealed about the whole thing while plebs like us hype it up for them, for free.

Speculation suggests that there's going to be an October 22nd unveiling, and it looks like the new tablet will have a thinner, lighter design, not to mention a better camera and a new A7 processor (the one in the iPhone 5S).

The iPad Mini is also rumoured to be getting a higher quality Retina display, which is nice.

Apple said: "We don't discuss future products, we have not disclosed anything." They're weirdly cagey aren't they? They're worse than drug dealers.

With this, Apple appear to be trying to stay on top of the growing sales of cheaper Android-powered tablets. However, it seems like there's a new Apple product every 5 minutes at the moment - are they getting a bit jumpy in the post-Jobs era?

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  • ipeters345
    I heard it was getting not one but two USB ports! Incredible.; technology in ipods finally making into Ipads!

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