Rumbelows? Coming back in 2010?

rumbelows1981 As Homer Simpson might have yelled in the classic Simpsons episode where he got a trampolene... RUMBUMBLOWS! TROMBOMBELOWS!

Yes, that barely-forgotten name from the high street of yesteryear could be making a bizarre comeback soon. US electrical retail giant Best Buy has trademarked the musty old Rumbelows name and have been researching into whether customers would flock there like dogs after a lump of raw steak.

Stranger things have happened and Best Buy could be thinking that customers might be more inclined to try a store brand that they’re familiar with, however hazy the memories might be.

Hopefully, they’ll go the whole hog and revive the singing appliances that serenaded the never-seen ‘Mrs Moore’ in ads such as these… oh, and can Best Buy bring back Pacers chewy minty sweets too? They were lovely.

[Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Joff]


  • joe t.
  • Mike B.
    Just asked my Brother who worked for them back in the day if he fancied going back to his youth!!!
  • Joff
    I wouldn't describe myself as avid - obsessive maybe and bordering on stalker perhaps.
  • Joff
    Maybe DSGi could rebrand PC World as Escom in some kind of high street Rumbelows vs Escom showdown?
  • Fuijioka
    Ridiculous idea from a company with more bad debt than Nigeria trying to think up a few good ideas with brand names they bought for 50p or found in a skip. The name means zero or it means poor consumer laws, flares, tat goods and Betamax. As long as we don't have to pay for it when they go under. I suppose it'll get their marketing people a bonus since it'll be mentioned on Twatter and FaceTube.
  • andy y.
    Remember Harry the Bastard (Alexi Sayle) in The Young Ones. He worked in Rumbelows
  • Nobby
    Have they got "Radio Rentals" too?
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    OH MY GOD!!!!! YOU REMEMBER PACERS TOO!!!!! Everyone I know looks at me like I'm crazy when I mention them! They were like mint flavoured Chewits! Man I used to love those!
  • tin
    "TOP QUALITY" followed almost immediately with "Amstrad" and "Binatone"
  • bloggsy
    Mum and Dad bought their chest freezer from Rumbelows (who had taken over Vallances).......YES BRING BACK PACERS I loved them!

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