RIP the Sony Walkman

walkman These days, so many of us wander aimlessly around the streets, getting music poured into our heads courtesy of an iPod or similar mp3-playing device. But what of the gizmo that started it all off – the Sony Walkman?

Well, it is with deep regret that we bring to you news of the DEATH of the cassette version of the Sony Walkman, 31 years after it was first launched. Yes that’s right, death. Amazingly, Sony never stopped producing the cassette Walkman, even when its sales shrivelled up after the introduction of the CD-playing Discman and the advent of the mp3 player. Until now.

Sony have sold 200 million cassette Walkmans (Walkmen?) since 1979 but the last ones rolled off the production line in April, and once they’re all gone, that’s it. A fitting musical tribute follows after this sad story.

We’ll leave the final, final word on the Sony Walkman to ‘m57’, who left the following comment about it all on the Gizmodo website: “Whether you're talking about the cassette Walkman or the CD Walkman with skip control, Van Halen rocked and has never sounded better.”

Amen to that…


  • evil r.
  • SJ
    Isn't all the BW trashing getting a little old now? If it's so bad why do you continue to read and comment?
  • Michael M.
    @SJ. I second that sentiment.
  • Nazi M.
    @SJ because you touch yourself at night.
  • zeddy
    The latest walkman pisses all over ipods in terms of sound quality. Quite why Sony with all their corporate might don't push the fact is beyond me.
  • Stu
    zeddy - probably because in the real world no one cares! The iPods sound is 'good enough' for most. Most people won't even spend more than £10 on headphones to improve the sound so I doubt that the fact that MOST mp3 players offer better sound is really impacting iPod sales.
  • zededy
    How sad. What a shallow and vacuous world we live in. Fuck that, anyone got any chicken in a can I can have for my supper?
  • evil r.
  • I c.
  • Nobby
    The Sony Walkman definitely did not start it all off. I remember walking the streets in 1973 with a tape player, powered by eight huge batteries stolen from those orange flashing lights near roadworks. They lasted for ages, and were free. Mobile music at its best. And heaviest. As to the tape vs mp3 player debate, it's nothing to do with quality. It's quantity. mp3 players hold more, therefore they are seen as better. Even if you listen to the same 20 tracks over and over again.
  • -]
    It's a lot to do with quality. Quality of experience as well as of sound. Rewinding, changing tapes etc is never fun.
  • Famdango
    Does anybody else find it funny that the video on this post, before its clicked, seems to depict a skinny man lowering his ass onto an intrusive beam of pure blue energy. a pure blue energy ass dildo in effect. i can only imagone it is sir cliff himself....
  • Jannich
    I think that Sony needs to pull their ass together, if they want to maintain their customers !

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