Quidco's hottest cashback deals of the week

Bitterwallet - Quidco dealsDeals are blummin' wonderful, no doubt about it - but cashback is very decent, too. So without further ado, Here are the top cashback offers piping hot off the digital presses of Quidco:

Orange - Cashback increased to £110 for all Orange SIM Only contracts, which effectively means paying just £10 for an entire 12 month contract. Hurrah. Cashback offer ends 10th November.

BT Total Broadband - sign up to Broadband with a BT package and claim a £25 John Lewis gift voucher plus up to £120 cashback

Best Buy launched their new UK site last week; it wasn't the most spectacular of launches, but there's good news for Quidco customers - Best Buy are now offering 5% cashback exclusively with Quidco

Virgin Atlantic - 10% cashback for return flights to Orlando from London Gatwick (see details) at Virgin Atlantic. Eligible on departures between 4th of November and 13th December inclusive and departures between 1 March 2011 and 22 March 2011 inclusive


  • Tom
    Beware avid readers, Bitterwallet and Quidco are one & the same. Also cashback is not guaranteed, especially with dirt bags like Orange.
  • Paul S.
    Tom, Bitterwallet is part of the HUKD family of blogs and is not part of Quidco in any way. HUKD and Quidco were founded by the same team, but are distinct companies these days. A quick google will straighten it out for you.
  • Keith
    Also they are distinctly different in that it is worth visiting Quidco sometimes.
  • BK
    nobody mention Topcashback!... its the voldemort of the HUKD family.
  • Nobby
    If BW and quidco have no sort of affiliation, then why not highlight the best deals at topcashback? They often have equivalent or better cashback. And is bestbuy going to be off limits for taking the piss while they are on quidco?
  • StrongerThanMensa
    £110 cashback for an Orange contract? Not bad, until you consider that TopCashBack are offering £121. I wonder how long this comment will show for.
  • StrongerThanMensa
    Ah, ignore the double posting - I just assumed that BW had banned another of my fake email addresses. These guys don't take kindly to being called on their bullshit.
  • zeddy
    TopCashBack shit all over Quidco.
  • Paul S.
    Nobby - go back and read my comment. I didn't say there was no affiliation, I was putting Tom straight by pointing out Bitterwallet is not part of or owned by Quidco. And has any deal with Quidco stopped us criticising any of the merchants associated with them? Orange, for example? StrongerThanMensa - attempt to grow a spine and post under a real email address, and maybe you won't get banned. There's no bullshit to be called on here.
  • Keith
    "There’s no bullshit to be called on here." except maybe the "Best Buy are now offering 3% cashback exclusively with Quidco" part. Best Buy are on numerous other cashback sites including Topcashback. Many off them offering 4% cashback so not quite so generous and not quite so exclusive me thinks.
  • nokeith
    if theres only quidco offering it at 3% then that's 'exclusive' :D looks like you've an axe to grind Keith??
  • Paul S.
    Yep, my apologies Keith. Other sites are offering cashback with Best Buy - and Quidco is offering 5% cashback. Feel free to drop me an email instead of jumping about IPs to post comments.

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