Popwallet part 1: Prince releases exclusive purple iPod - the world rejoices

Whatever happened to Prince/Symbol/whatever the blithering hell the shitehawk eventually called himself? Well, after 21 ear-achingly long nights performing at the O2 Arena in Londoninium, he beggered off home and set to work on iMovie for two years, titting about with footage from his concerts.

The result? A 40 minute video of the jazztastic funkalicious shows edited by the teeny tiny man himself, and exclusively available on one of 950 limited edition Prince Opus iPods. There's no detail available on the spec of the iPod, but that's probably because you wouldn't care if you were buying it; the iPod is just part of the Prince Opus, a mammoth book weighing in at 17lbs, bound in leather and arriving in a velvet case. If that's not over-the-top enough for you, then bid for the first jewel-encrusted edition later this year, which is bound in alligator.

And as you'd expect, it's the sort of pointless paraphernalia everyone can afford if they suspend mortgage payments for a few months, clocking in at $2,100. Screw that - is it an 8GB or a 16GB iPod? Does it come with Tap Tap Revenge pre-loaded for that price or what?

[All Things Digital]


  • Steve
    Bugger off... Someone tell the greedy sod there's a recession. So far the only recession that Prince seems to be feeling is the one that makes him a shorter arse than the rest of us...
  • ungulator
    ^^^ it's called Prince envy! a recession? Prince has never heard of the word! pffft
  • andywedge
    tap rap revenge is free you t**t
  • Paul S.
    I never said it wasn't. Cheers!

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