Pixel perfect - is this how digital magazines will look?

If our favourite magazines are one day published on tablet devices, there'll be a metric fuckton of digital design studios going to the wall. All they seem to do is create visualisations of how printed publications will be digitally reproduced. We're keen to see what happens when they do eventually become available - partly from a consumer point-of-view (will tablet devices reach a price point which sees them go mainstream, meaning digital magazine subscriptions could replace the physical product?) as well as the obvious techporn point-of-view.

Here's another version of how a digital magazine could be created for a tablet:

Unlike the last version we looked at, the designers seem to have paid more attention to the strengths of the digital medium and studied how users consume online content, instead of slavishly trying to reproduce a physical magazine complete with turning pages.

Of more significance is whether there'll be a significant market for tablets will in 2010 at all. There are a few already knocking around, but none at a price or quality that'll see them catch on. Once again, everyone seems to be waiting on Apple to change the rules of the game and create the market for devices, but that isn't a dead cert - nobody can make their mind up whether their tablet will appear next year, if at all.

[The Guardian]

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  • Stewie G.
    Absolute SHITE. Somebody I 'know' has bought one (ahem...other...cough...half) for their brother. Books are more expensive compared to THE REAL THING... and WTF happens when (not if) the batteries run out. Come on apple, convince all those fucktards that they need another overpriced pointless 'unless you sit on public transport a lot-because you have spent so much money on your Apple I-gadgets you cant afford that nice shiny holier-than-thou prius you were masturbating over last week' gadget.

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