Pirates ahoy! Blu-Ray reaches a car boot sale near you

In my head, the world of pirated films began with ET. Dad turned in from the pub, smelling of Skol and clutching a VHS copy of the Spielbergian classic, a white sticky label slapped over it with the title scrawled in Biro. The film meanwhile, looked as if it was shot through the bottom of a jam jar smeared with vaseline. I wasn't impressed.

Fast forward 26 years and I'm still not; not because I'm a hardened man of morals and virtue, but because movies look gob-stoppingly amazing on a movie screen and not unlike a burglar's dog when viewed in illegal form on a television.

There's still a massive market for pirate movies, and those in the business are always on the lookout for the next hook that'll pull the punters in. According to Gizmodo, they've found it in Blu-Ray. Now that the format is breaking through into the mass-market, there's money to be made from downgrading Blu-Ray films and copying them to regular DVDs, before tarting them up with some shiny packaging to dupe the punters. Lest we remind you that such rubbish is against the law, but for the same price you can see the film as it was intended; with a sense of scale, splashed across the big screen and without some shiny nosed teenager pissing about with the auto-focus.

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