Pick an Apple Watch up in store!

Apple Watch Fancy buying one of them Apple Watches? Well done - you've got a lot of disposable income. Also, you can now pick one up from an actual shop! That's right. Walk right in and... well... here's the thing - you can't buy one without reserving it first, because Apple are absolutely determined to make this whole process slightly fiddly.

If you didn't know, Apple have been asking customers to order all of their smartwatches online, and have it delivered to them. Of course, this will put some people off as they'll want to hold one in their hand before parting with their money.

Well, now, Apple Stores will now be stocking them, allowing customers to book online and then head into an actual shop to pick it up. If you still want to hold one first, swap some watches and straps around before paying any money, you're still screwed. Then again, if you're an Apple devotee, you invariably trust them more than your own family.

The in-store orders began on June 17 in Apple Stores in the UK as well as Germany, France, US, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Japan.

This new system requires you to go to the Apple Store website, pick your case and band and then choose where to pick it up from a list of shops. You might as well get it delivered to your house really.

Apple stores do have some stock, which you can try on the watches as a demo, so if you're really keep to get one and want to give it a poke first, get down to the shops and weigh it all up.

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  • Peter T.
    You can now buy a thing in a shop that sell things? Wow!

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