Penguin Books indulge in some iPad futurology

You might have picked up on the fact that we’re quite excited about the impending arrival of the Apple iPad next month, but it’s easy to see why some people think that it’s nothing more than a bigger version of the iPod Touch. Sort of the same way that a bus is just like a bigger version of a car.

Fortunately, some major companies are getting ready for the advent of touch-screen tablet computing (yes, other tablets will be available) and are doing some good hard imagineering about how the new format can be best used. Here’s a glimpse into the future courtesy of Penguin Books and it shows that the iPad will be so much more than an (already-obsolete) eReader.

There’s interactive games for little people that make use of the touch-screen and motion sensor capabilities along with educational books where you can chat live online with other students who are on the same page.

There’s also travel guides that allow you to build your own holiday itinerary or email postcards to loved ones with some simple dragging and clicking. You’ll even be able to hold your iPad up to the heavens and get instant info on the stars in the sky.

All of that makes us feel a little bit tingly and if none of it dazzles you even a little bit then we don’t want to be your friend anymore. Seriously. Go and stand over there, next to the Luddites. You’re dead to us.


  • Jeeves
    If I left that with my child, it'd be broken within a minute!
  • Mark M.
    These would be really good in schools to access interactive textbooks. It would be a nightmare for security though as I'm sure some would find their way into the kids' bags
  • Amanda H.
    Is this porn? I don't think so. Try again.
  • Steve
    Graphics are even worse than an Atari ST. A 520 ST at that
  • FatalException
    Im still not convinced its anything other than an iPod touch that's too big and expensive. Also, getting kids to shake it? LOL. There's going to be some serious child abuse when the kids start smashing them.
  • Edyth S.
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