PC vs Mac - the whole saga, from snout to tail

Apple's Mac vs PC ads - some piss funny, some duller than Doncaster. There's 66 of them in total, stretching back over four years. It'll pass the time until the previews start later on Sky.

Bitterwallet - PC and Mac



  • Jase
    66 is abit too far...but that's the US for you. You can feed them the same structure over and over and they'll keep watching. UK adverts were much better, Mitchell & Webb were much funnier.
  • Fella-Tio
    "Mitchell & Webb were much funnier." Once..... a long, long time ago.....
  • Bob
    Never trust anyone who doesn't like Peep Show.
  • Bo
    Which ones are 'piss funny'?...

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