#Oh what an atmosphere, we love a Windows 7 launch house party with an atmosphere...

people_noballoonsAre you a young person looking to have a good time? Perhaps you know or just know of some young people who enjoy controlled fun – it doesn’t really matter to be perfectly honest. All that matters is that you’re keen to attend a gathering that celebrates the launch of a groovy new computer operating system and don’t have violent tendencies or Swine Flu.

Yes, it’s Windows 7 and Microsoft want to spread the word by marking its October release with a series of house parties across the UK. There are four party themes for you to choose from…

  • PhotoPalooza
  • Media Mania
  • Setting up with Ease
  • Family Friendly Fun

Oooh, we can’t decide which one to go for – they all sound a little bit kerrazy-bonkers! Appplications to host an official Windows 7 party must be made online and if you’re lucky enough to be chosen, you’ll get a Signature Edition of Windows 7 Ultimate and an exclusive party pack. Just thinking about what might be in there chills our marrow. One thing is certain  though - you’ll have to provide your own booze and strippers.

Naturally, we’ve applied to host a party, under an assumed, nerd-like name (Neil Spuffkin) and if we get chosen by the Windows supercomputer, we’ll invite some of you to join us at the Bitterwallet Windows 7 Launch Extravaganza. We might even lay on some booze and Twiglets.

If we don’t, we’ll just spend the evening in the bus shelter with a couple of bottles of strong, cheap cider. As frigging usual.

EDIT: There's another tasty Windows 7 offer over at HotUKDeals at the moment. Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional - only £30 for UK students.


  • Neil S.
    Would you care to step outside, Mr Dawson?
  • Mark M.
    Cooo-ul. I can get all of teh "in crowd" to come over as they'll love this. Well done Microsoft!
  • ball_sack
    You must remember it cant turn into an all night rave
  • Simon
    Have they got a separate Polish version of this advert? There's a least three of "them" to airbrush out in this ad.
  • Andy B.
    Why is Frankie Boyle in this photo?
  • Joff
    Didn't Michel Roux Jnr eat a PhotoPalooza on last nights Masterchef The Professionals?
  • goon
    windows 7 is the iphone of the os world
  • 14 S.
    [...] #Oh what an atmosphere, we fuck a Windows 7 start house party … [...]
  • One C.
    Skills with the Russ Abbott reference - know your audience..........
  • Robert
    I just signed up on the off chance and I've been successful! Now I've got to sort out the party!
  • Microsoft B.
    [...] party. Microsoft sought applications from customers who wanted to throw a more official bash, and Andy applied on behalf of you, the loyal Bitterwallet reader. Yet this morning we found him in floods of tears on the office floor: Windows 7 Launch [...]

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