Oh my OMG - it's the 128GB iPad!

29 January 2013

It’s been mooted for a while now, and sing Hosannas, because it’s finally happening. Yes, it’s the 128GB iPad!

Presumably it’s aimed at people who have been addicted to tablets for a few years now and are looking for more storage for their mighty app collection. Either that or Apple have just looked at the fact that there isn’t a 128GB iPad yet, figured that there might be some money to make out of such a notion, and bunged one out in the hope it’ll be a hit.

But at £639 for a wi-fi version and £739 for a cellular data one, you’ll probably either have more money than sense or be ripe for sectioning if you buy one.


  • Big D.
    The sheep will still be queuing...
  • zeddy
    Meh eh-eh-eh
  • Sicknote
    I can put loads more shit apps that just don't quite work; yes but it looks really nice...
  • The D.
    sicknote is da man!
  • OoOoooH Y.
    128GB of web pages of annoying Android users who call Apple users sheep when all along it is them that are the sheep, it is just that they are too fucking thick to recognise it.
  • Captain W.
  • Rich
    Whats the fucking point!
  • Employee m.
    Can hardly fill an iPad 2 - who is going to need that much space on an Apple product? We're streaming everything nowadays...
  • Chewbacca
    Why bother including a micro sd slot or two when you can fuck your loyal sheep up the arse for yet more overpriced storage, right apple?
  • Chewbacca
    Oh, and ZOMG is better. Duh.
  • Darren
  • Wongaporkpies
    Apple fuck you, I am happy With My Nexus Tablet and a Wireless Hard Drive, which together cost less than half of your overpriced fucking crap pad !
  • Kevin
    Can hardly fill an iPad2? It's easy! And it's notgood having everything streamable if you don't have wifi (or 3g if you bought one with that).
  • Mark W.
    The sheep will be queuing up like lemmings!

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