Now serving - free wi-fi for all Starbuck customers

Good news for you today, especially if you suffer from the dual addictions of internet access and corporate coffee. Here's a handy hack that lets you enjoy free wi-fi access at any branch of Starbucks, although it hasn't been officially announced so keep it between us, right?

Bitterwallet reader James has told us about a new Starbucks Card that one store in London mistakenly handed out to several customers, that includes free wi-fi as one of the perks. This brings the UK into line with Starbucks in the US and Canada, where cardholders get up to two hours of free wi-fi access per day.

Starbucks have made no official announcement of this new card yet, and there's no mention of it amongst on their website, but as James' photo proves it's on the way:

Starbucks cards are free - all you have to do is credit them with a minimum amount of £5 to spend on your cawfee, then register the card online. For the completists amongst you, you'll find the terms and conditions here. No word on whether existing cardholders need a new card for qualify for the free wi-fi, but no doubt you'll find out soon enough, you caffeine-guzzling beast of a corporate whore.


  • bawbag
    If Starbucks change the type of milk they use in my coffee will I be able to keep my card and sell it on ebay? I bloody hope so because if they don't I'm fully prepared to quote misc. inappropriate consumer regulations at them until they change the milk back (hopefully not) or let me cancel my order and keep the card (to sell on ebay).
  • The B.
    Anyone know what the range of their wireless is? I've got 2 within 250ft of my office and want to use my iPhone on it.
  • Martha F.
    sorry bawbag, you need to be using at least a pint of their milk a week to qualify and you need to receive a text telling you they have changed their milk.
  • Nobby
    > This brings the UK into line with Starbucks in the US and Canada, where cardholders get up to two hours of free wi-fi access per day. So what do people do with the other three hours they are sitting in the same seat?
  • Mark B.
    Or just go to Cafe Nero... better coffee, free wifi
  • mrtinkles
    @Mark Body- How long has Neros had free wifi? Last time i was in one of them (think February) they were using BT Openzone and charging £5 an hour or something.
  • Tickled
    i love spilling venti frappe all over my netbook
  • goon
    as far as i know only tossers drink coffee extreme tossers goto 'coffee shops' to drink coffee and real fucktards drag their laptop down to a coffee shop and use the internet there pretending to be interesting, only because they are boring as fuck, have no real friends and want someone to talk to them anyone who uses starbucks should die
  • goon
    also you can tell a tosser is they ever say the phrase 'caffine rush'. also friends is/was one of the shittest tv programs ever made. trying to make coffee shops look cool. go to the pub you soft cunts and get pissed
  • Robin
    My local starbucks is advertising the free wifi on a chalkboard outside.
  • Multimail
    Poor Goon, wait til the free wi-fi appears down the pub and then you'll have a Coke being made to last two or more hours as someone lurks behind a laptop. Starbucks recipes are a tragedy. Loads of them in Birmingham Centre and not one makes a brew the same as the next, always some slight variation and in the end usually ends up 40c because it's been hanging around for so long. Costa and Nero are miles better in that order - maybe their marketing depts should be told about the special card eh :o)
  • Third G.
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  • Free B.
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