Nintendo announce the Wii U - with a tablet controller

We’ve just dashed back from the E3 bash over in wherever the hell it is, armed with this piece of video that we shot ourselves while we were there, earlier this evening. Honest.

It’s the Nintendo announcement of the follow-up to the Wii, and they’ll be calling it the Wii U. Nice stuff. The major difference that we can see is that the controller is more like a tablet, with a built-in screen that will allow you to play your games on the tablet itself if you aren’t near a TV, making it a hand-held console in itself. Again, nice stuff.

The screen on the controller will also be incorporated into gameplay and you’ll also be able to use it for web browsing and video chat. Super nice. Check it out puppies...


  • Sawyer
    Definitely innovative, but the current Wii's strength is as party/multiplayer console. Difficult to see that continuing when the controller will likely cost more than the console itself. Looks fun though. Interesting to see how much it intends to compete with tablets.
  • NobCheese
    @Sawyer I am pretty sure they will not have this as the SOLE controller style, that would be retarded.
  • Sawyer
    @NobCheese You're probably right. I'm just thinking aloud. BW should stick to daytime articles so I'm not liable to commenting when tired.
  • Goity
    I wouldn't put it past Nintendo to put a resistive screen on this...
  • Chelmsfordman
    'Innovative' ??? Hardly - Apple has aipplay (same thing) the PSP can stream music videos and even had a game released close to the ps3 launch called Lair which would playon the psp streamed from the PS3. This is far from innovative. Im not excited by this at all - Wii Sports HD (yawn) Mario Kart HD (yawn)............I wouldnt put it past them to re-release resident evil 4 again. Im hoping the specs of the machine will be at least better than the current generation of consoles, so we can see some grpahical improvement, but i severly doubt it. N64 to Gamecube to Wii to Wii U..............all with the same damn first party games games remade and resold over and over and over again.
  • charlie
    Lol imagine playing street fighter 2 on that. What if little jimmy drops the controller lol. me thinks fail
  • niceblokedave
    Disappointed.....yes This really does look poor. I know you can still use the old wii hand controls, balance board ect but the handcontrol looks uncomfortable,big and heavy. I was hoping Nintendo would step up a level for the serious adult gamer but it looks like they are once again happy to stick with aiming at the kids end of the market. Lets just hope it doesn't end up like the wii with any old 3rd party game dross being brought out on it with seemingly no quality control at all. I will ( and i'm sure so will many others) be waiting to see what MS & Sony bring out in the future before i decide what my next gen console will be. Looks like Nintendo have missed the boat again in my house although the kids like to break the old wii out of the cupboard once ever couple of months for a game of bowling !.
  • PaulS
    Chelmsfordman of course it is innovative, just as the Wii Controller was when that came out. You talk about PlayStation doing something similar but can only think of one example of it occuring. Nintendo makes it innovative because they make it main stream applying it to EVERY game and then some. I take it from your post that you are either a PS3 or Xbox guy, have you even seen the video with the console in action? It is specced higher than the other consoles - but that should be expected as the PS3/360 tech is several years old. And what is wrong with releasing a classic brand name on every generation of console? You said it yourself they always sell in massive numbers and it is not like they pump them out every year - there are less main console Zelda games than there are versions of COD, and Zelda is 25 years old. Lets face it people mocked the shit out of the Wii and it not only sold a tonne (making Nintendo huge profits) but forced Microsoft and Sony to copy the functionality to release their own versions. I can only see the same thing happening again with Wii U.
  • Jassen
    People seem to be forgetting that the controller is a feature of the new console, and Nintendo cleverly didn't reveal much of anything pertaining to the console itself. Things that were deduced were: * The controller is a low-latency streamer * Only one of these tablet controllers per Wii U device * Screen is resistive * All original Wii controller devices will work with the Wii U * The Wii U will use 25GB Proprietary discs * Storage is flash memory, upgradable by SD and USB * Processor is IBM Multicore based on Watson, and Graphics by AMD * 1080p over HDMI, supports Component, SD etc... I think this controller could be a diversion to the real content of the Wii U, and more will be revealed at the TGS later in the year.
  • PaganWolf
    The Wiimotes will still work with the new console, so that's ok. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on one of these. My Wii has had regular play since I purchased it at launch, despite being constantly told that it was a gimmick and would not last, would soon be boring, etc. Even my husband (who hasn't played a game since Repton) has his own game and has had a go at a few others. I've also said it before, and will say it again, good graphics don't necessarily make good games. This is HD, The Zelda demo looks amazing, they've improved things. I can still play while my family watch TV. All in all I think it's an improvement.
  • Alexis
    Don't understand. Looks like the equivalent of texting each other whilst you're in the same room.
  • PokeHerPete
    April fools was a few months back you know
  • smashingnicey
    Give it a bit of time chaps. I can remember nintendo did exactly the same thing with the wii - launching images of the wiimote before the console itself. The general consensus at the time was - well it just looks like a tv remote, that thing cannot be comfortable, what's all this about pressing A+B at the same time? etc. etc. It was pretty much derided until people got hands on experience and then all of a sudden it blew away the competition, at least to begin with(!) So, yep, my feeling is it looks big and cumbersome - but at the same time if you take time to watch the cnet video demo it starts to open up into something that -could- really be something else. Early days. Nintendo have been suffering of late simply because they've dragged their heels with this and a botched 3DS launch, but they ain't out of the running yet!
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