News just in from Apple - iPad delayed, arrives in UK late May

Bitterwallet - Apple iPad UK postponed until late MayGah! We said last week that if Apple were going to announce the launch of the iPad in the UK for the end of April, they had to do it before now. They didn't, and they're not. The UK iPad launch has been postponed until "late May" according to the Apple website.

Apple is citing US sales "far higher than we predicted" as the key reason for the delay, but surely the UK general election also threatened to take the shine off Apple dominating the media in late April; after all. Apple has announced that online pre-orders will begin on 10 May; O2 has said it'll be offering tariffs for the iPad, and TechRadar reports Vodafone will also sell the device.


  • Tom
    Wonder if there is an internal panic about poor wifi performance. Or if they really do favour US sales over the grossly inflated UK prices ;-) So ... if they have recalled stock destined for UK to be sold in US, then an iPad bought in US will be fine in UK then!
  • Nobby
    I really care about this.
  • Robert
    The funny thing is that Amazon always showed a release date of end of May even from the day of the first announcement.
  • Scott C.
    The UAE sales are imports from US stock by third party companies.... Dear oh dear not like Bitterwallet not to research a comment before posting it!
  • Bunk
    I never understand why people are so hard on the stories here, you know what to expect, why come here just to complain?
  • Klingelton
    i don't want an iPad.
  • raptorcigs b.
  • Paul S.
    The comment concerning the UAE came from a friend there, who told me the units were available in more than one store; that article backed it up. Two sources, mistake made, now corrected. Scott, seriously. All you do is piss and moan, always looking to criticise when there's nothing to criticise, as your earlier attempt proved. If you still have issues, please feel free to email us again.
  • Richard B.
    This is a must have for every business and consumer user. If you do not buy one you will lag behind the competition and be totally un-cool.
  • Scott C.
    Paul - not all I do is piss and moan. You made a point which was relatively intrinsic to the post, and it was not researched before making it. I corrected it. What "earlier attempt" out of interest?
  • Tom
    It is an unbelivable price. Unbelivebly fucking expensive.
  • Scott C.
    Presumably, as my post has not appeared, I am now under moderation?
  • Scott C.
    Oh no, there it is :) Anyway - I refute the suggestion made above - I criticised something when "despite nothing to criticise", you have ACCEPTED you were wrong - so I cant see how that statement is anything but false. Paul - you are determined to believe I have some personal issue with the site - I really really dont. I read it and enjoy some of the articles - e.g. the Shop Direct Group one, or the Rutland BT Broadband one. What frustrates me, and what I point out, is when information is either withheld or false to give the impression of something that there isnt - or, alternatively, when the editorial style completely ignores one (valid) side of the story. This is your site/blog, and so your right - but you leave space for comments, so I will highlight these as and when I see them. May I suggest that you either are not so touchy and go on the offensive so much when there is valid criticism, or you ban comments from your blog posts (or perhaps just mine specifically). I would appreciate you withdrawing what you have said, as my posts (since our email conversation) have not been "pissing and moaning", and have been valid opinions - it will take two minutes to go back over these posts and verify this if you so wish.
  • james
    Yeah I have been there as well. Lame
  • Ian J.
    "This is a must have for every business and consumer user. If you do not buy one you will lag behind the competition and be totally un-cool." or it is for the Macutters. If the HP slate turns out to be well excuted then buy it instead, as it will do so much more, if you are after a touchscreen/tablet form factor.
  • rod d.
    i like turtles
  • Simon B.
    Isn't the point of this site to piss and moan, just preferably with a bit of humour? I think the Bitterwallet staff should really expect a bit of this given the nature of the site and Scott should add a more sarcastic undertone to his pithy comments :)
  • hippy
    Suppose the delay will give me time to save up so i can afford to buy one of these ultra cool, amazing, awe inspiring never thought of before inspirational iphone like devices. Once i have one i will never more be ordinary. I cant wait to stroke it with my finger, feel its smooth edges between the palms of my hands, the heat eminating from all areas of it, knowing i am an apple product owner! Oh and it will be nice to play with the ipad too i suppose
  • Brad
    So in short, The WiFi abit shit so we are going to have to sort it before we release it else where.
  • ScottC
    Simon, I think you are right :) "WTF, IS DIS REAL?" :D
  • Steve
    Am I the only person who's going to find it incredibly difficult to refrain from pissing themselves from laughing if they see someone using one of these? I mean, it looks like an oversized iPhone!
  • RTB
    OH NO! What am I going to do? I was counting on being able to buy an iPad so that it would make my life complete.
  • Nobby
    I now understand why people want an ipad
  • Nobby
    And yes I know it is an April Fools' Joke. But the Super Steve Bros game, taking out Steve Ballmer, looks pretty cool. No doubt someone will make it.

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