New rumoured Apple tablet is nothing of the sort, surprisingly

Yesterday the intertubes were set on fire by an image of what could have been a prototype Apple table, captured in the wild. The signs were all there; its handler was revealed to be Jen-Hsun Huang, chief executive of NVIDIA - they're world leaders in all sorts of computer hardware. Commentators began drawing imaginary lines connecting the device to Apple, citing the CEO's love of all things Jobsovian.

Bitterwallet - NVIDIA tabliet - it's not Apple. Bah.

And of course, you'll be entirely unsurprised to learn that it's nothing of the sort - the tablet is a prototype being hawked around with the possibility of a March 2010, subject to deals with mobile carriers being tied up. According to Engadget, there's also some Windows/Android action going on inside that touchscreen dream. It's not Apple, but it looks just as sexy.



  • The B.
    Yay for Android, it's the way forward.
  • Bo
    Apple table?
  • ElBuc
    Why is everyone getting so excited about half a laptop?
  • Jeffrey A.
    Dunno, I once made a potato chair. It was really comfy, until it started to sprout and decompose.
  • ElBuc
    Starch-arse can be so uncomortable.
  • ElBuc
    Uncomfortable too.
  • Marvin
    Android > Apple
  • Marcus S.
    my dad > yours
  • Junkyard
    ElBuc, you're spot on with the "half a laptop" comment. This isn't any more portable than a netbook, so what's so exciting about a laptop that you can only type on really slowly?
  • dunfyboy
    Because if they paint it white, stuck a little apple on the back and put the cost up by a couple of hundred quid, iBrick owners would buy it.
  • The B.
    [...] lucky boys at Engadget have managed to get their sweaty palms on the mystery tablet device spotted a couple of weeks ago. It’s a NVIDIA Tegra “kitchen” tablet, only at a prototype stage but still very, [...]

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