New iPad announced. It's got new stuff in it and that.

7 March 2012


So, the new iPad is here, as announced by some boffins somewhere in the world a short time ago. It doesn't seem to have a name so we're calling it Ian Pad. Here's the main points...

* Available from 16th March – pre-ordering available from today.

* 16, 32 and 64GB versions, starting at $499 (UK pricing to be comfirmed).

* 2048 x 1536... 3.1m pixels – a million more pixels than your common or garden HD TV.

* Retina display – as first seen on the iPhone 4.

* A5X quadcore graphics.

* An iSight camera (5MP)

* HD video recording.

* Voice dictation. A bit like Siri, but not.

* 4g/LTE – which means nothing to us here in the UK at the moment.

* 10 hour battery life (9 hours on 4G)

* Bundled with iWork and with free updates available if you’ve already bought it.

If that’s not enough for you, you can get more detailed info from our smartypants mates over at Gizmodo.


  • The J.
    Bow now before the mighty Apple - Ye shall not surely die!
  • Al
    Upgraded screen, camera and processor - nothing unusual there for a next generation tablet but somewhat of an anti-climax given all the rumours that had been floating around. Still, everyone will be throwing their cash at Apple so I guess they don't need to do anything too innovative.
  • Lemax
    Where's Mike Hock when you need him? He'll have something insightful to say, possibly including the words Audi, Wankers and Apple. It'll be a sensational piece of cynical observation!
  • Zodiac
    Oooo yah, a status symbol. Who gives a fuck what it does as long as everyone has one. "trendy" knobheads are the very reason Apple makes any money at all. They create bullshit products like this because they know ignoramus rejects who don't know fuckall about electronics will come out in droves with their wallets wide open. The only thing missing for the iPad is an iDouche. I bet the idiots would buy that too.
  • Avon B.
    @ Zodiac. You can't afford one, can you?
  • Zodiac
    Afford one? I sell the damn things haha
  • Capability B.
    Oh god its a "new" iPad *ejaculates*. (irony, btw). I overheard someone talking about this on the train this afternoon. He actually used the word "awesome". And he was English. What sad fucks. Did you know that the new iPad was magic? It can make large quantities of money disappear from your bank balance. The next "new" one will be even thinner and tell jokes. The next one after that will be so much thinner that it will take up a negative amount of space. It still won't have a USB port though.
  • Ianb
    Yeah, girl at work said ( without a trace of irony) 'it'll revolutionise my life". Sigh
  • sodtheestablishment
    I know someone who fell for the hype & bought the ipad2 in 2011, she only used it for 20 minutes & it hasnt been used since.. I bet she'll buy the ipad3. Sad thing is, people like her have trouble paying the household bills etc BUT they goe out & buy the latest overpriced gadgets & overpriced clothes.... Superdry (Superchav), Pauls Boutique etc
  • whisky
    I have never understood the point in tablets. I like my gadgets but I can't justify the point of a tablet, Android or Apple. I have a smart phone and a laptop and can not see why I need something inbetween. The phone is small and portable by its nature. The internet browsing is passable if I need to ask google a question. Fine I wouldn't want to book air tickets on it or do anything complex. Does life get that hectic that I should find myself stood in Morrisons and think I must book that ticket to Shanghai right now? On the flip side if I am going somewhere and need computing power that is sorted too. I am not a cripple. My laptop weighs circa 5lbs. I can carry it. And if I was a cripple I could carry it on my wheelchair. I also do not understand 3d TVs. 3d is a gimmick from yesteryear. Show me a hologram machine ala star wars and I will be front of thr queue to buy one however. These are just products the manufacturer has made and then persuaded the consumer that they want one. It is very clever marketing that has made Apple extremely rich.
  • Jax
    Whisky Evolution of devices will take time to develop into something truly amazing. The star wars hologram machine isn't going to be born overnight straight out of CRT technology, it will progress out of generations of new tech. Tablets are inbetween right now, you are right, they are a niche, not needed device, but they are unlocking the future to possibilities that will revolutionise personal computing. Take a look at the asus padfone, shows where it could be moving
  • Frank P.
    Does it come with a free marker pen so you get to draw a big cock on your head after purchase.
  • Frank P.
    I might buy one.
  • Mattie
    Phwoar, I've been up all night wanking over this and now has to go to my special school and talk about it for hours with my friend.
  • Jerec
    @ Capability Bowes I think you mean (Sarcasm)
  • Jerec
    @ Capability Bowes Actually, I think you "ironically" mean (Sarcasm)
  • Sawyer
    There is absolutely no need for a screen resolution that high. What will it benefit? I doubt many will be watching HD movies on these as the screen is the wrong shape. And while it might make very small text more crisp, it'll be like admiring the crispness of the font on the back of a tin of beans. Just another gimmick as Siri on the 4S continues to be.
  • steff Starting from £399.00
  • stu
    what a bunch of whingers! its a spec upgrade and been kept at the same price point! I bought the original iPad 2 years ago and will be upgrading. I had a laptop at the time that had Cost me £699 and was about ready for an upgrade. The iPad completely replaced it, browsing the web, connecting to a HDTV, playing simple puzzle games, reading comics, Email use... etc etc and it was cheaper than the 2 year old laptop it replaced. now dont get me wrong I NEED an actual computer and I have a powerful desktop for work and image editing etc. But when travelling or sitting on the sofa the iPad for ME thats for ME! is much better than a laptop. If I wanted to buy something else instead to replace my iPad well a decent yet cheap laptop would be around £400 anyway and a comparable android tablet isn't really any cheaper. and yes the higher res screen will be nice as I do read a lot of web sites emails look at photos etc so why would I not want those things to look better! and at the same price points.
  • Ian Q.
    " browsing the web, connecting to a HDTV, playing simple puzzle games, reading comics, Email " And that ladies and gentlemen is why people buy tablets, to do things you can already do on a halfway decent specced phone, but on a larger screen and everyone can see how "cool" you are. Stu, a question for you, can you elaborate on "I NEED an actual computer and I have a powerful desktop for work and image editing? What is "actual work"? And can you define "actual computer" based on OS?
  • Dick
    > 16, 32 and 64GB versions, starting at $499 (UK pricing to be comfirmed). To get the UK price, you remove the dollar sign and replace it with a pound sign.
  • will
    @ Ian. But what is wrong with having a luxury item? I have an iPad and love it. Do I 'need' it? Of course not. I have a laptop which I keep at work, and desktop at home, and a decent smart phone. Everything I can do on my iPad, I can do on one/all of my other devices. But it's about convenience and user experience. The computer is based on a user-experience derived from computing back in the late 80's/early 90's. Back then, computers were solely used for work and relied on clunky, command-prompt based input. Today, we use computer's casually and socially. If the way we use computers has changed so much, it makes sense for the way we interact with them to change too. I personally don't want to have to go up to the study to use my desktop when all I want to do is browse the internet, go on social networks, or watch NONONONO cat on youtube. I'd rather do it on the sofa (without a 2-3 kilo furnace on my lap), or at a table with friends. Does anyone need an iPad? Of course not. But it's a luxury item that takes functions from other devices and puts it in a casual package. If people don't want one, or can't justify it, then that's fine. After all, it's a redundant product. But why people get so upset about them is beyond me.
  • Ian Q.
    @will, but why can't you do all that on your phone? Why do you need a phone and a tablet? I'm flying to Australia on Friday for a month, I'm taking a netbook weighing 1100g loaded with films and a spare battery, I reckon I'll watch about 12 hours of films/tv on the journey there and the same on the way back. I can play games on my phone so I can't see at what point a tablet device would add to that. Plus whilst I'm away if I need to dial into work I can, I can dial in over VPN and get onto any of the servers. What I want is for someone to tell me the advantage of a tablet.
  • will
    @ Ian. I completely agree with you. Like I said, nobody needs one. But the tablet is generally a nicer experience than a phone due to larger screen (games/video/reading/browsing), better feel in hands, easier to type/touch buttons etc. Likewise, (and I've owned a Samsung NC10, which I didn't like too much), it handles so much better than a netbook, which generally has shorter/same battery life as a tablet, but is heavier, and more cumbersome. Plus the OS/applications are based on a user experience designed for desktops. For me, the advantage of a tablet is that it takes all the casual/fun things of computing into a format that is actually casual and fun. I'll never get rid of my desktop, but it is great for its own reasons (massive screen for data analysis, great CPU for number crunching/stats and for photo editing, plus games which I wouldn't want to play on console/tablet. But to have BOTH devices... well now you have the best of both worlds. When I want to work, I have a monster of a desktop with a huge screen where I can really be productive. When work is over, I can leave all that power/size behind, and relax and something that is more intuitive to my needs and just easy (and more important enjoyable) to use. To me, interacting with my digital environment in an enjoyable way is a major advantage. Just my opinion of course, and (not aimed at you, Ian) why people above get so damn upset is just absurd. When Audi/BMW bring out a new car, people don't start crying. So there is obviously something deeper here that brings people to tears when a new Apple product comes out. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. "I don't like iPads and don't see the point in them" is valid. "Does it come with a free marker pen so you get to draw a big cock on your head after purchase" is slightly less valid.
  • Lemax
    @ Ian. The point you're essentially trying to make is that because you don't see any value in it, no one else should. If you already have a netbook and a decent phone, then an Ipad probably isn;t a worthwhile purchase for you, but I know which I'd rather have on a long-haul flight. . .
  • stu
    @Ian I have an OLD mac mini at home as a media player and a Windows 7 that I work on and do photo work etc also some high spec games. On a trip or on the sofa I could of course read a marvel or DC comic on my phone with lots of scrolling or read a website or play games etc etc but its MUCH nicer to do it on an iPad its also for ME nicer on an ipad than a laptop as its nicer to hold and doesnt get warm etc. When you take your flight why not watch those movies on your phone? why do you need to watch them on a netbook? you chose to spend more money on a device that replicates what your phone can do! exactly what I did! An iPad 2 NEW from apple with a 10 hour battery life at £329 seems to me at least to be a much nicer option than a netbook and extended battery that you probably paid around £300 for anyway.
  • stu
    oh and ian VPN softare exists on iPad, I use the free citrix app to connect to my work PC when needed too.
  • Sicknote
    Yay....more shit that doesn't quite work but who cares when it's made by ApPlE....?
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Personally I have a smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop and desktop.... (yeah check me out hahaha) Only ever use my phone (when out and about) and my netbook (when sat on the sofa at home)... the rest never gets touched. Can never understand (same as others) why people bother with a tablet...
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    I bought an Asus Transformer. Just the pad, not the keyboard dock. I really wanted one, but knew in my heart of hearts that it would end up gathering dust very shortly after purchase. Shockingly though I actually use it every day. It has totally replaced my laptop. In the same way my laptop replaced my desktop. Yes it's not necessary but it's very convienient and was cheaper then most decent spec'd laptops. I t comes to work with me, it comes on holiday with me. Phones are just too small for usable browsing. Oh. And it was half the price of the iPad. And can actually browse the web. No flash/Java issues here thank you very much.
  • SlapsHeadSadly
    Shock horror. Some people hate it, some people like it, some people make purile jokes with the letter 'i' at the start, some people bring up a flash argument (oh come on really ? Even Adobe have dropped it now). Love or hate it, its here to stay. Buy one if you want, but stop whining about whats better.
  • Ian Q.
    @Lemax "The point you’re essentially trying to make is that because you don’t see any value in it, no one else should." No, just trying to get people to admit that there is no point to it, which is pretty much what they've done. Why spend £600 on a iPad which has the less functionality than a netbook? If you already have a netbook and a decent phone, then an Ipad probably isn;t a worthwhile purchase for you, but I know which I’d rather have on a long-haul flight. . . I deliberately avoided the iPad trap, I said tablet, I want neither an iPad or Android tablet, I might want one when Windows 8 starts shipping but that depends on the abilities of the OS and devices, if they're shit then I won't. Presumably you'd want the netbook on the flight because you'd never get 12 hours of media out of an iPad and you can't change the battery? Plus of course the codecs on a netbook would be far more stable.
  • Ian Q.
    @Ian When you take your flight why not watch those movies on your phone? My phone has a smaller screen, although the Nexus is still a big old thing I'd prefer to watch it on my netbook. I don't have to piss around worrying about whether the sound or video codecs will work, the battery on my netbook will last far longer than my phone, even though I can switch batteries when the either the phone or netbook dies, certainly something you can't do on most tablets. why do you need to watch them on a netbook? you chose to spend more money on a device that replicates what your phone can do! exactly what I did! I'm pretty sure my phone won't allow me to dial into work and manage servers, my phone is precisely that, a phone, yes it has games and email and nice but trivial apps but I need something that I can use to RDC/TS into my servers and manage my databases if I need to, can I do that from a tablet? Nope. Although I'm pretty sure I've already said all this. Did I also mention that it has a 250GB hard drive so I have an entire Media library installed on it, so I can watch whatever I want, can you do that on a tablet? I can connect it to someone else mass storage and copy data over, come to that I can use it as a mass storage device itself. "An iPad 2 NEW from apple with a 10 hour battery life at £329 seems to me at least to be a much nicer option than a netbook and extended battery that you probably paid around £300 for anyway." 10 hours of media? Really? I think not. I believe with cashback and vouchers my netbook cost £175, then £30 to double the ram and £25 for a new 6 cell battery. So no, even with upgrades it didn't come close to £330, try £230, and at the time I bought it, iPad 2's were around £500 so more than double the price. So again I ask "why would I buy a tablet?".
  • Ian Q.
    Sorry, that last one was addressed to @stu or I could have been talking to myself, you judge.
  • Ian Q.
    @SlapsHeadSadly some people bring up a flash argument (oh come on really ? Even Adobe have dropped it now). Adobe have dropped Flash? When did they do that then? I understood they'd dropped Flash development for mobile devices but would be reviewing that decision sporadically depending on the way the marketplace went. If Adobe have dropped Flash isn't that going to render every porn site I visit obsolete?
  • Businessman
    I wondered for a long time what was the point of a tablet but have given in and ordered one (a cheapo knockoff, not an ipad.) If you need to use a lot of reference-type study books (and I do) then it's just not on with physically lugging piles of heavy paperbacks around. Was on easyjet recently and even the pilots have got tablets now instead of all their charts and manuals whatever they have. Get this I will be using it *as well* as a laptop not instead of it. And for anyone who thinks "what that bloke really wants is a kindle" well no, it isn't, and I already wasted 80 squid discovering that for myself thanks.
  • stu
    Ian your missing the point again! I dont need 250GB of content for two 12 hour flights and my holiday! I dont need to connect to work on my tablet! Although I can using citrix which is free! My iPad easily gives 10 hours of media play! honestly it does i know you wont believe me but hey ho. Your saying 'tablets' are rubbish because a netbook is a better solution for YOU!!! do you understand that the MILLIONS of people with iPads and in fact those without ARENT you! and just as you need a netbook because your phone cant do everything a netbook can I want a tablet because it does things my phone cant! like let me watch movies and read comics at a size that I enjoy using it at! A product line isnt automatically junk because YOU dont need or want it! an iPad does things my Samsung netbook never could! like hold it in portrait mode sat on a sofa and turn pages by scrolling along the screen all whilst not getting hot or having a 250GB hard drive spinning away! Its a good device for ME and many others but hey obviously not for you. the question would be why are you even telling us that? why come in an iPad thread to inform us that you dont like it?? Im here cos I like iPads and wanted to read the article. and still here now because you cant understand that you dont decide what other people want in a device.
  • Ian Q.
    @Stu "Your saying ‘tablets’ are rubbish because a netbook is a better solution for YOU!!! do you understand that the MILLIONS of people with iPads and in fact those without ARENT you!" I don't believe I've said they're rubbish, they obviously serve a purpose, what I'm asking is why it's worth a shitload more money for a product that has more limited functionality? You still haven't given me a valid reason as to why a tablet is a better solution for you, you keep reciting verbatim what it can do, I know what it can do but why is it a better solution? "Im here cos I like iPads and wanted to read the article" I'm here because I'm genuinely curious as to why anyone would spend more on a solution that in real terms is more limited than the cheaper solution. I guess "style over substance" is the answer you're trying to promote. Which is valid for a certain section of society, as you point out, I'm not one of them.
  • will
    @ Ian. I think your question has already been answered. Like I said before: the tasks we use computers for has changed dramatically over the last decades. However, until the iPad, the way we interact with them hasn't. The iPad offers a easy, simpler, more intuitive and more enjoyable user interface, for when you are using technology for a use that does not require the formality of a computer. e.g. Reading bitterwallet updates. Why would I want to wait 2mins to boot a netbook just to read a 2 minute article? The iPad is always on, and 3 taps of the screen and I'm immersed in a delightful (if not plagued by spelling errors) article. It's just a different experience. In my opinion (and indeed the same as millions others), better. They are fun and convenient, and horribly overpriced. End of really. Live a little, and cheer up.
  • Ian Q.
    @Will So it's used instead of a phone then? Because as far as I can tell a smartphone has the OS.
  • Shaniaa
    gonna go into ma local brighthouse wen it releases see if i can get me one of them!
  • will
    @ Ian. Yes, in the same way a car is used the same way as a motorcycle.
  • Ian Q.
    @Will If a motorbike were to have a car engine then yes.
  • The J.
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm magical. You will all come to love me and my wares.
  • will
    @ Ian. We'll have to agree to disagree. Largely because whether you understand tablets or not in no way affects my enjoyment using one. As I'm sure it doesn't affect your use of your netbook. Best.
  • Mark
    One big win for the ipad- it's easy to use on the bog. I've rarely turned my laptop on during the last year, i cook up presentations on my ipad for work, watch iplayer on it occasionally, play monopoly, write letters an send them to the wireless printer- the only reason i kept my laptop was for downloading, and now we've got netflix i dont even do that. My 3 yr old can use the ipad too, the ladybird app is a favourite, we've got the grandparents to 'read' the stories, spmething that would have sold me the ipad on its own. Its not perfect, safari and some apps crash regularly, but compared to my old xp laptop its quicker and easier to use. I usually use dragon dictation rather than typing, with my ipad being over 1 yr old i'll get the new one and let my lad have the original. Like the new specs- happy to pay for the quality.
  • Reg
    If the thought of other people spending their money on something they want to buy makes you angry - I suggest you probably need to get laid a bit more often
  • DiscountCrack
    Get laid more often @DiscountCrack enjoy 45% off with our special code: #BorisGobbles
  • Shaniaa
    "its only a year old" - so why are you gtn a new one then dickhead?
  • Mike M.
    Cos i'd like to edit video on it you lesbian. And i earn decent cash so it's not an extravagance.
  • Raggedy
    Sigh . . . I won't be buying one, not because I'm already cool enough to not need one, not because I don't need people drooling when they see me using one, not because I don't need one to revolutionize my life, not because I have more money than I know what to do with, not because I have to buy one to improve my social status and not because I want to increase my chances of being mugged. I won't buy one because of the wages they pay to the people who make them and the vastly inflated prices and, to be honest, I just don't buy the hype.
  • Raggedy
    Actually, scratch that. I wont be buying one as I dont have the time to use it. Most of my time is taken up 'guessing' why people buy ipads, the rest of the time I edit the Peter Andre website. Yes, i'm a sad excuse of a human being. Mum tells me often...
  • The R.
    I couldn't give a toss why people buy ipads, you can spot them a mile off with MUG tattoed across their foreheads, spouting their catchphrase "Sell me something, I believe the hype you're telling me!" :)
  • Deano
    Haha you saddo!
  • The R.
    Yes, fair point. I am quite sad and many of the things I post here are just timewasting pointless contributions to the internet. Never trally thought about how sad my life is before, but in rereading my words I realise that I am bitter and lonely. (suicides)
  • Me
    I heard lots of Chinese people died making these. I hope it was worth it. Oh wait, yes it was.

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