New e-readers from Sony - writing on the wall for the Kindle?

While we continue to wait for Amazon to pull their finger out and give us the goddamn Kindle, Sony are cranking out their range of e-readers, in a manner not entirely unlike Apple's progression of the iPod:

You've got the Sony Reader Pocket Edition with a 5-inch screen (left), the Reader Touch Edition with a 6-inch screen (centre) and the all-new Daily Edition (right). In the US market the Daily Edition will be $399, the Touch will be $299 and the Pocket Edition will be $199. The trio will be available in December - isn't that when they have Christmas too?

All three are due to be launched at the British Library today, which is good new for those of you who like your literature in digital form. At least it's all you're going to get, since Amazon still has no release date for their Kindle product in the UK. It only been around in the US for two years now so take your time, eh? Rumours suggest Amazon are close to a UK release, although if you believe every rumour hear you'll have tried cutting a pane of glass with a pair of scissors. It works if you try it underwater.

Meanwhile, here's an advert for another trio:


  • Mr K.
    Nah m8! Better off waiting for the Kindle, not this "Sony" rubbish! When did Sony make anything good anyhows??
  • johnny
    my mother has one, says hardly any decent books on sony site. non official sources too much hassle for her so kinle with its larger claimed library could still do well even if late
  • Nobby
    They need to add the functionality of the ipod to the Kindle. Then it can read the books to you that you are too lazy to read yourself.
  • Rick G.
    I'd really like to see a link to this being launched in the UK, when the details were released yesterday across the web it was reported that there was no timetable for a European launch! Amazon have desperately been trying to get the Kindle over here, it's our ridiculous mobile phone operators that are slowing the deal up.
  • Rick G.
    Oh, actually, 2 of them are availble to pre-order now within the UK and will be dispatched in September however the date for the Daily edition has not been released
  • tron
    @nobby - yep that feature was on the first generation sony reader.
  • Martin
    I don't get these at all. I like books. Nice paper books that I can hold and turn the pages of, and even to see how much of the book I have left by looking to where the bookmark is. Yeah maybe you can have hundreds of books in one handy thing, but I also like bookshelves loaded with books that I can rummage through and enjoy. Maybe its just me...
  • Lundhra
    In my opinion, this whole thing sounds like the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD war, and before that, the Betamax vx. VHS war, technologically speaking. Much as I'd like to get an e-book reader, I think I'll wait until the war is over--and the prices drop, as they already have for Blu-Ray players.

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