Nerds! Drool over the 1983 Apple Gift Catalog

21 October 2011

Have you ever seen Apple's officially licensed merchandise? A product catalogue from 1983 has turned up online showing off t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and wall hangings which, if you've got 'em now, must be worth a bomb! There's even an Apple branded kite!

apple merch

Spotted on Signal Noise, who nabbed it from, it seems there's a load of ace stuff buried away in Apple's back pages if you're a fan of vintage/retro chintz.

TOPICS:   Gadgets


  • sMac
    The belt looks like it belongs to Howard Wolowitz.
  • Dick
    Whereas the 2011 has this ...
  • Tim
    This isn't stuff for nerds. This is for worshippers. Nerds would prefer a printout of the first ever linux kernel code signed by Torvalds.

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