Nationwide launch a smartwatch app

nationwide app The future has turned up at Nationwide, who are launching the first app for an Android smartwatch.

You can now - if you bank with Nationwide that is, if not then move along - check your finances while on the move, or on the run from muggers.

You obviously need an Android Wear watch running Android 4.3, but the app is free, so that's a nice bonus.

The app is available now, and is apparently quite easy to setup, so soon you'll be shouting for your balance at your wrist or sobbing loudly in toilet cubicles at your overdraft fees.

Chief Operating Officer at Nationwide Tony Prestedge said: "Providing customers with a variety of ways to manage their money, whenever and however they want is a priority for us. Giving those members who want and have the technology the ability to check their balance on their watch provides them with even more choice as to how they interact with us whether it is online, through an app, face-to-face or over the phone."

Fnarr. He said 'members'.

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