Motorola teases new smart watch... and it is round!

Motorola are about to properly launch their new smart watch. The Moto 360 is a round smart watch running on Android Wear and they're very excited about the shape of it because watches are supposed to be circular, not square, right?

According to the company, the 360 will allow you to see alerts with a twist of the wrist, which sounds all very modern doesn't it? Not great it you're making a cup of tea or giving someone the Vs.

Other than a video about feelings, there's not an awful lot more information about the 360 so far, except that it will be available to buy this Summer.

If it's cheaper than Apple's planned wearable technology, expect to see this being worn solely by social media executives who use it to send messages to their mums, asking to borrow money for the rent.

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  • Greg
    Nice video, learnt a lot from the old apple videos and product introductions, looks cool, well built etc, but ultimately it runs Android and so it will be an utter piece of shit, and not update-able in 9 months. I'll pass

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