Motorola goes XOOM, so does the price

Listen, you don't have to like Apple, but if you're going to spend tens of millions of dollars plugging your next tablet during the Superbowl, the least you should do is demonstrate to consumers why your product is good, rather than running down the competition. But that was Motorola's gameplan; take the piss out of Apple and show a world where there's an alternative.

The only problem with their reasoning is that a year after its launch, there still isn't a mainstream alternative to the iPad, and it's unlikely to be the Motorola XOOM either, because they've allegedly priced it at $800 a pop. Regardless of whether it's a better technical offering (the XOOM includes cameras and will run on Google's new tablet OS Honycomb), consumers will use their year-old Apple yardstick to compare prices.

There's no release date for the XOOM in the UK just yet, but the US will be seeing it at the end of the month.


  • Richard M.
    Always so bloody quick to shoot anything non-Apple down, aren't you? I actually think that as a teaser (which is what that ad is) for the Xoom, that the ad works rather well and is a clever little piece of product dis-placement. So there.
    So at todays convertion rate thats £495 I think thats on par with the ipad - Comparing a locked OS on locked hardware, with an OS that will have to cope with differing hardware specs - etc and multiple diffrent configs, not really a level playing field is it. Where is the apple games console ???? if there are so fecking good at everything they do lets see them compete in that arena. Apple is the new burberry. Any chance fisher price can update the IOS interface btw.
  • Paul S.
    IPHONEY - I didn't mention the OS other than in passing; I certainly didn't compare Gingerbread and iOS? And the Fisher Price interface is one of the reasons Apple is a mainstream product, I reckon. You think it's too simple; the market thinks it's easy to use. Richard - we don't knock everything that's not Apple, that's your rose (or Apple?) tinted glasses. The point is that if you're wanting a share of the mainstream market - and throwing tens of millions at an ad during the Superbowl says that's what Motorola want - then you're making life far harder for yourself by then pricing it higher than the mainstream, successful competitor. In this case it's the iPad ($729, no contract) vs the XOOM ($800 + contract); if you also consider there's an entry level iPad that's another $100 cheaper, then it doesn't make much sense. The Galaxy Tab wanted the mainstream market and they priced themselves out of it. Motorola are in danger of doing the same.
  • Martin
    @ IPHONEY current price on Apple store US for a 16GB iPad is $499, thats £309 you need to go up to the 64GB 3G model to be more expensive. . I know the Motorola will do more but so what, its not an Apple product and is overpriced. Think it needs to hit the £300 mark to sell any decent numbers in the UK. Will probably do a Samsung Galaxy tablet and drop massively in price within months of going on sale.
  • Sawyer
    Nice advert, but surely another - $800 cheaper -method of standing out from the Apple crowd would be to not buy a tablet at all? At least, that's what the ad tells me.
  • martin
    $800 probably equals about £649 when it hits over here (add VAT at 20% and a £50 hike just because they can). That's far too much for it to be a success. £300-£400 is more likely to gel with consumers. Very disappointing.
    You said and I paraphrase (I have of course corrected your spelling) “The only problem with their reasoning is that a year after its launch, there still isn’t a mainstream alternative to the iPad, and it’s unlikely to be the Motorola XOOM either, because they’ve allegedly priced it at $800 a pop. Regardless of whether it’s a better technical offering (the XOOM includes cameras and will run on Google’s new tablet OS Honeycomb), “ Consumers will use their year-old Apple yardstick to compare prices. I didn’t say you compared it FFS - but by the sheer fact you repeated the apple name through the article you have indirectly drawn comparisons. There is nothing wrong with simple - ala your review style (come on Paul you gave me that one ;) ) - a coat of imagination re the icon style wouldn’t go amiss, you have to admit that
  • PokeHerPete
  • Nob
    I prefer the white hoody to the schoolboy look. And I don't have an ipad. Does he get to virtually bone her in the next ad?
  • Mikey W.
    Motorola seem to be saying "stand out from the iPad crowd by buying our, erm, slightly more technically advanced take on the iPad that looks nothing at all like an iPad"... Whether Apple invented tablets or not (they didn't), they are the only ones to get it right (form factor, cost, eco-system etc) in a way that consumers want so far...there wouldn't even be a market for these devices if it weren't for Apple's success with the iPad, so Motorola's "don't follow the crowd, despite us doing just that in the hope of making some cash on the back of Apple's success" stances makes little sense. ...thats before you factor in the cost of the thing and the apparent need to sign up for at least 1-month of a data plan before you can use WiFi on the thing and you really have to wonder what Moto are playing at!
  • Paul T.
    One simple sentence explains why apple do so well: "They are the kings of marketing" Iphone, ipod, ipad, none of them are particularly ground breaking in any way. All apple do is make a product that is slick and clean and people buy them in droves. I do not like the apple operates as a company, but those ipad adverts are subliminal, they can easily lure you in, and think that 300-500 quid for something you genuinely dont need is what you actually do need to complete your life. Marketing, thats all it is
  • Boris
    Oh come on chaps; it's a hit at Apple's 1984 Superbowl Ad using THX-1138 imagary and subtle Brave New World drugged into summission messages. Apple isn't Big Brother - he is 'Our Ford'. Perfectly good poke at Apple after all their marketig twaddle. I'm off to by a Xoom and an iPad; mu old ones are out of date. After all ending is better than mending.

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