More TV OD for your PC - MSN launches video player

Another reason to abandon the direct debit payments for your TV licence will be handed to you by Microsoft next week, when it launches a free TV on-demand service. The MSN Video Player is headed up by the former BBC executive responsible for the iPlayer and Project Kangaroo - a VOD player combining content from ITV, BBC Worldwide and Channel 4 that was killed before launch by the Competition Commission.

Microsoft has struck a deal with BBC Worldwide and independent producers to screen programmes after they've expired on the VOD players of their indigenous channels. The six month pilot is also launching with 300 hours of content, hopefully not all of it the pant-shittingly bad Hotel Babylon or the rage-inducing How To Look Good Naked:

MSN are launching their commercially funded aggregator to steal the march on the likes of Hulu, a phenomenally successful VOD service in the US which is expected to become available in the UK this Autumn, and Arqiva, the transmission infrastructure giants who last week snapped up the remains of Project Kangaroo in order to launch their own VOD service.


  • Pure-Klenz
    How can I trick Hulu into thinking I'm in the USA so I can watch Family Guy?
  • Paul S.
    Give up exercise and put on 50lbs?
  • Dan
    Or a proxy server
  • Nick
    It would be nice if they ported it to the 360
  • cam12
    Do you not still need a TV licence to watch online? I know you need a TV licence to watch BBC content online. Surely this still applies to watching content on a thrid party app like MSN? Where did you get the information that you don't need a TV licence??
  • Paul S.
    You've never needed a TV licence to watch online content - I'm not sure where you've heard that from.
  • Sean
    cam12 - no you do not need a TV license to watch BBC content online. A TV license is only for watching LIVE content. If it is not live, EG it is on demand etc, then you do not need a license. I'm gonna cancel mine, I barely watch a couple of hours TV a week, if that, and I'd be perfectly happy to just watch films/on demand stuff for that time.
  • Song B.
    Licence only needed for the live real time transmissions, no doubt thats the real reason they added live streams to iplayer so you can't get away with saying "I don't need a licence, I use iPlayer"
  • Nobby
    OD = Over Dose!
  • Gus
    How about: Fuck off I haven't got a TV anymore?
  • Pure-Klenz
    They can detext it you massive Norbert
  • Rubisco
    No they cannot detect it, what universe with what crazy laws of physics do those detector vans work in? Not ours. The vans are empty.
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