More tablet magazines - wired, tired or expired?

There's going to be a period of about a year as the world of publishing dips its pinkies into reproducing magazines and newspapers on tablet devices. Some will balk at the prospect and return to print, others will embrace it. We've shown examples in the past of what happened when Sports Illustrated attempted to pretty much cut and paste their magazine into a tablet, and then how a design agency approached it from a different point of view - namely not been trapped in the mindset of publishing a physical magazine.

Now Wired magazine have produced a version of how their magazine might function on a tablet. Given that they're all about technology and future-thinking, you might expect something that'd blow your socks clean off. Unfortunately, it's nothing very inspiring and little more engaging than the dead tree version. For example, why have functionality you'd associate with a mouse click (click boxes in corners) when you could have multi-finger gestures or swipes on screen?


  • The B.
    Who the hell reads WIRED anyway, it's only just come back after having been dropped for never making any money.
  • Jack
    Yes it failed her years ago, but WIRED is popular in the US, it has been available here for years on special order at WH Smith. Yes, it has been recently relaunched in the UK as a separate magazine, but I think its pretty good (if a little text rich). I read it, it may not be to everyone's taste, but I think its a good read. This tablet version of WIRED, as Bitterwallet say, isn't very inspiring, they should make it more finger friendly, and less like a browser you'd get on a PC. There needs to be more media interaction.
  • Jack

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