More pointless Apple iPad 2 speculation ahoy

It's less than five hours until Apple announces the new iPad, but that hasn't stopped every news organisation frenetically beating themselves off over the already-bejizzled rumour mill. Frankly, we're surprised it's still turning despite being so gummed up.

So we're chipping in too - website Your Daily Apple claims Amazon accidentally posted iPad 2 details to the German store. The link to the product is dead, but somebody was allegedly quick enough to get a screengrab:

Apple - iPad 2

The price is what throws doubt over the screenshot; a 16GB Wifi 3G iPad 2 for just €499 - that's the same price as the entry level iPad without 3G. All said, Apple have a real opportunity to keep the competition at bay with today's launch. The likes of Blackberry, HP and Motorola are already a year behind with their products; Apple can use volume to offer the iPad2 at a low price, and go on to discount the original iPad to ensure there's a truly affordable quality tablet on the market.

Who knows? Or even cares. More news this evening, then. And maybe we'll hear about the iPad 3 before too long...

[Your Daily Apple]


  • The B.
    Presumably it's been designed with Apple users in mind and is easily operable one handed?
  • Apple B.
    [...] so, with a new iPad, what’s happening with the old one? Well, as we suspected, it will be dropping in price. While many companies clumsily chase Apple in the tablet market, Jobs [...]
  • Samsung T.
    The one issue I can't bear in regards to the ipad is the fact that you cannot see flash content. That is I beleive the tabs with Android working system are a good substitute... even when the Android operating system drains your battery like crazy.
    Interesting take for an iPad 2
    Great Apple Good Job now lets kill of Google

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